How to Pick a Wedding Dress

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Start looking through all of the bridal magazines, books etc. to see what kind of dress you think you might be interested in. You should tear out a picture and bring this to the bridal salon so that they have a starting point for you.

Cost is a major factor in buying the dress of your dreams. Go on the internet and find out where the bridal salons are in your area and set aside a day where you can go with the people who you want to be where when trying on dresses.

Some stores require you to make an appointment, so you need to decide if you want to go to those stores or to go to a store where you can just walk in and try out dresses. You may want a store where you have to make an appointment so that you may feel that you will get better attention than a store where you walk in.

Once you get to the store, start having fun with trying on dresses. Don’t hesitate to try on some where you would not have considered before because you might be in for a nice surprise.

Once you have found THE dress, you will find out from the store if you have to take it home that day. Some wedding dress places are that way, but don’t worry, you will then have the opportunity to find another place that will do the alterations for a reasonable price.

When the dress is heavily beaded, it sometimes weighs, is heavy when wearing it

When buying your dress pick a store where you feel comfortable. How does it look? Are there too many people in there trying on dresses?

Do you want a store that is more intimate or one where you can get a good price and are willing to pay and take it home the same day?

Go to a couple of stores and keep in mind that you will know when you have found… THE DRESS

Ask what the return policy is before buying, or when bought is the sale final.

Ask for alterations cost.

Check to see how long the store has been in business

If it is a small store is the owner of the store about?

Don’t buy a dress from a fly-by-night store, one that has been in business for a while and one that you like.


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