How to Pick a Separate Reception Dress For After Your Wedding

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Figure out first of all if you want a separate dress for the reception. If so what kind/style of dress. Most people want to stay with a white dress where they can dance and have the dress still look like a wedding dress.

Cut out pictures from magazines, or bring books with pictures of what kind of dress you are looking for.

You should try to buy this dress at the same place where you are buying your wedding dress. You should also go to the same place to alter this dress if at all possible.

When picking out this dress you may not want to have someone along, instead this might be a surprise that you have for everyone at the reception that you change into this dress after you have entered wearing your wedding dress. You may also want to cut your wedding cake with your wedding dress on and let this dress be for when you plan on dancing.

You might also consider this dress to be something that you would might be wearing another time, and it should be very, very comfortable fit. You might want a white dress with just a little color in it to add some wow factor.

Tips & Warnings

  • Have fun picking out this dress, be creative on the type of dress
  • This dress should also represent your fun side of you
  • Don’t buy a dress at a place where you don’t feel comfortable.

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