Is it Better to Buy a PC or Build one?

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I would tell anyone that it is much better to just build your own computer rather than trust some company to do it for you. Even buying one from someone you know that can build them is better than trusting a store. This way you can have it built to your own needs. Like, if you don’t play many games, why buy a PC that has a $300 graphics card in it? And if all you do is check email and print documents, why have a quad-core processor in it that can cost $500? Building one is much cheaper than going through the hassle of buying, especially if you have bad credit.

My mother bought a PC from a large retail store, for almost $3000. She was shocked when I told her that I could have built that same computer for about $380! Because you can go online and find wholesale parts for a lot less money. And there’s no commissions and extra costs that comes with buying a computer from a store.

Even learning about computers is easy. You can pick up a How-To book anywhere that has a title somewhere along the lines of “Building a PC.” I’ve read many computer books and I’ve been building them for almost two years now, and almost every computer in my house I built myself. I even hooked up my five-computer network, too.

If you take the extra time to build them yourself, and learn a new skill, it’ll save you up to thousands of dollars a lot of time. Not to mention that you can brag about the computer in your home that you build yourself without calling in a professional. You can even start a business selling them out of your home, or fixing other people’s computer problems. (Don’t be surprised if your family starts waking you up in the middle of the night to fix a bad internet connection)

There are also things you can learn online for free, too. Any website that has videos on it, (YouTube, MySpace, Bukisa…) can have instructional videos on how to assemble a fully operational computer. All text sites like Wikipedia have thousands of articles on this matter as well, you don’t always need to buy a book, but I would recommend it.


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