How to Save Money on Buying Meat or Fish

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Make your shopping list before you leave to go out to go shopping.

Decide how much money you want to spend buying meat or fish by determining how many meals you plan on making.

You need to go to a store that has a fish monger or butcher who can cut up the meat/fish to the number of pounds you want. Look at the price per pound (for a family of 3 people half a pound for meat or fish is about the right amount to purchase). Both the butcher and fish monger can help you out in stretching out your money. They will weigh what you want to purchase showing you what you will get for your money and put it in different bags for each meal, so this way you will not have to go home and repack them.

As you select and purchase each item of fish/meat you need to keep calculating how much money you are spending and when you reach either the number of meals that you want, and or when you reach the amount of money that you want to spend then                                                

Tips & Warnings

  • Even if you don’t have a calculator, just by only getting the number of meals will help you stay on budget along with looking for the meat/fish dollar per pound that you can afford.
  • Be sure you go to a store that has QUALITY meat or fish.

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