How to Make Sure Your Bills Get Paid

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Find and gather ALL of your monthly bills in one place so that you can start to look at them and see exactly how much you owe.

Once you have all of your bills, put the same bills in a stack, this will show you if you have ANY overdue bills.

Once you have done this you need to put on a Calendar of some type when they are due. You don’t have to put the amount down, just put them on the date, that way you can see what bill needs to be paid first. If you don’t have a calendar, you can use a white board or a wall or just find a place where they will be very visible to you

You need to also find a place to put a bill when it comes in like an inbox that a secretary uses. Once a bill has been paid, you need to file it. This way the ONLY bills that are in your inbox should be the ones left to pay. As each bill gets paid, line it off of the calendar or take it off of the place where you have put it.

Tips & Warnings

  • OVERDUE bills take priority and need to be paid first.
  • If possible try to talk to credit card company and see if you can get the interest rate lowered on your credit card. See if they are running a promotional rate on your card.

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