How to Make Your Child Do Their Homework

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Have on the ready things that they can do right after they get home from school like toys and also have ready food/drink for them since they will be tired after the long day at school.

Once they get home, check to see what homework they have. You then should ask your child when they would like to do their homework. You will then have to remind them of when the time to do it is.

If during the time they are doing their homework and they still are having trouble, tell them to stop and continue it later. Be very patient since homework today is a lot harder than it used to be.

Once they have done their homework, they should have told you they are done and if you don’t know if they have finished, ask them. You then need to tell them good job and give them a hug and kiss. Children need to know that they are doing a good job at school by doing their homework.

 Tips & Warnings

  • Teachers are a good resource and if you have any questions regarding your child’s homework, you can then email/phone the teacher and ask them your questions.
  • Most children need some rest or food/drink before they start their homework.
  • After a while you will be able to find out just how long it takes for your child to do their homework.

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