How to Clean Up Your Files On Your Computer/Notebook/Laptop

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When you have too many files on your computer or when it starts to slow down and you have some time, this is when you should do this. During this time, you might also want to check out if any computer programs that have been loaded are also slowing things down. If you have started to get too many SPAM emails, this too will slow down your computer.

Go into your computer and delete all of the send/receive emails that you don’t want. Make note of the SPAM emails to see if you can be removed from their list.

Then you need to go into the DELETE folder where your deleted emails have gone and do a final delete.

Go into your folders/documents and delete any documents that you feel that you can delete. You will also need to go into the TRASH folder for final deletion.

Reboot/log off/log on and you will then see that your computer works that much faster.

Tips and Warnings

  • DON’T FINAL DELETE UNTIL YOU ARE SURE THAT YOU DON’T NEED THESE DOCUMENTS, remember ALL documents that are deleted go into either a Deleted Items or Shred file for FINAL deletion.
  • When a lot of people are on the computer at the same time, sometimes the computer will also slow down.
  • The weather sometimes plays a part in how slow your computer

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