How to Prevent Your Child From Coloring/Drawing on the Walls

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Go to the area where your child has made a complete mess of the walls and ask them what it would take for them to stop coloring, drawing, or even gluing stuff to the walls.

Clean, prep the walls by getting rid of all the drawing, coloring and gluing stuff that is on them before you even buy the paint

Ask them if they paint the walls a certain color that they like if they will then stop doing this.

Have them go with you when choosing the paint for that room, so that by them choosing the paint that they want that room to be they will stop doing this. Also buy a tarp and anything else that you will need for painting and protecting the items in the room.

Paint the room, you can use one color or many colors per your child’s instructions.

Once done what you can have your child do it to put up things on the walls via

Tips & Warnings

  • Once we painted our child’s room, CAUTION, he now has put up on all of his walls posters etc, BUT he did stop ruining the walls. The coloring, gluing and coloring did in fact stop and he just loves the color of his room!

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