How to Use Cambridge Who’s Who

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First of all you need to decide as a professional on what type of organization you should join to give you the most exposure.  Do you need to shell out the money for this, what kind of bang for your money will you be getting if you join them?

Pull up the Cambridge Who’s Who website and take a stroll along it to see what exactly it is, why you should join.

If you plan on becoming a member they only accept credit card/debit card payments for joining them. You can’t write a check for it.  You should also look into getting a PayPal Account – this also might be helpful in general and most websites use this service.

Once you have joined, you then have complete, total access to their database of members which is huge! You will also get a welcome packet in the mail. You can do many things like contact other members for business purposes or just to have someone to chat with who is in the same field as you or if you are thinking about changing jobs/careers.

This membership is for a year and is a good way if you are a small business to get it


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