How to Be a Giver by Donating Blood

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First you need to see if you are really going to donate your blood and when/where you plan on doing this. Are you really going to go through with it? How is your health? You need to be healthy because they have a very long questionnaire that you have to answer, it is a health check that you need to go through before they can even consider you for a blood donor. You can go online to your local blood bank for any questions that you may have.

Once you have done your research, you need to keep in mind that today, most places require you to make an appointment. You just can’t walk in and donate your blood. Look online and see what days/times are available at which locations, then make the appointment. They will give you reminder options and a confirmation number.

When you arrive at the blood donor location to donate your blood, you will first sign in, then they will escort you to a room where you will then be ask many medical questions . If you pass these questions, they will then prick your finger to check to see if you have enough iron in your blood, if you pass this, you will then be able to donate your blood.

They will have you semi-lay down and prep you and this is when you actually donate your blood. The only pain that you feel is the initial stick of the needle, after that you have to squeeze your hand every couple of seconds to keep the blood flowing. The actual process of blood donation is very quick less than 30 minutes and while your blood is going out of you, you will feel a warm sensation.

After you have donated your blood they will then have you each something and drink something and give you post donate instructions that also list the results of your mini physical that gives you your hemoglobin, blood pressure, pulse and temperature at the time of donation which you might find useful. When you feel ready to leave and are not dizzy or light headed, you can then leave.


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