Gakaxy Chocolate – Smooth, creamy and delicious

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Galaxy chocolate is my second favourite chocolate bar after the delicious Dairy Milk. Galaxy`s are made by Mars. Galaxy chocolate seems to be a bit classier chocolate than others like Dairy Milk although there are better chocolates (not in my opinion taste-wise) like Lindt I think Galaxy is the classiest chocolate that you will find in a normal newsagents. The bars come in lots of different shapes and sizes. 

I really like the packaging of Galaxy bars and think they are in keeping with their classy image. It looks right and suits the bar very well. You can almost taste that smooth and creamy chocolate just by looking at the wrapper! The word “Galaxy” is written across the packet in a dark brown colour and the whole background is also brown and creamy in different shades! 

The bar is easy to open and upon opening you get a whiff of that delicious, soft and creamy chocolate. If you could somehow want to share them the chocolate is divided into rows but in my opinion this is a disadvantage as you have no excuse for not sharing them! 

Putting in your mouth you really want to guzzle it all down in about a second but I try to savour the taste as it is beautiful and also because Galaxy bars are quite expensive. The creamy chocolate melts in your mouth as well and really is delicious! 

Galaxy are more expensive than most of chocolates. The cost of the normal bars varies between at the very cheapest 45p to about 50p. They do sometimes cost more than this but you should not pay that as that is too expensive! There are also many other Galaxy products like Hot Chocolate which is also delicious, Galaxy Ice cream, Minstrels and more! 

Overall Galaxy is a delicious, smooth and creamy chocolate bar with a classy image and also carries quite a high price tag! 



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