Don`t Ask Jeeves!

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INTRODUCTION is the search engine which used to be called which used to be one of the biggest search engines and the idea was you asked a question and “Jeeves” would answer it. However now hardly anyone uses Jeeves even though one of the most used search engine because of Google which is simply much better and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. 

I have tried using Ask but the simple problem is that it provides less results than Google does and probably the other big search engines which is a major problem as search engines are the way people get around the internet so having less results mean it is worse and therefore is worse. 

An example of this is if I type in Dooyoo: 

On Google I get 2,900,000 results 

On Ask I get 839,000 

This shows how big the difference is and why is basically useless! 

The design of the site is similar to Google with as there is a big search box and the logo of the site and also a picture of the butler Jeeves. The site works like any other search engine in that you just type in what you want to find and it provides results. 

Overall is not terrible but the fact Google is so much better and Google has many other applications integrated in with it mean ask is much worse and might as well not exist! 

Simply put is worse than Google and I recommend you use Google instead if you want to have a better search engine. 

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