How to be Awesome

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How to be Awesome

Everyone wants to know how to be awesome, you.. me.. your friends. But sometimes we just don’t know what it takes to be “really” awesome. Living up to the awesomeness standards is far from easy but If you follow this guide it is almost guaranteed you will become as awesome if not more awesome than I am.

The first rule of being awesome is to not be jealous of someone else’s awesomeness. Nothing screams more lame than envying the awesomeness of others. The key is to be yourself and to just do awesome things at awesome times. Before exposing yourself to the real world, sit in front of a mirror and look yourself in the eyes and say “damn… I’m awesome” approximately 5-10 times you will know whats right for you when you start to feel the awesomeness build inside you.

Once you feel comfortable, surround yourself with those who already equal awesome. While you are surrounding yourself with those who are awesome, remember to dress awesome and to say awesome things. Note – my cheetah man thongs and assortment of stylish vibrant hats. say some cool things like “Suck my toes!” or “whose the man? … I’m the man!” or anything that boasts how awesome you are and make those around you feel like less of a person. Feel free to even make up your own words! People like to hear how awesome you are because it makes them feel special to just be allowed in your awesome presence. This takes a lot of confidence but be aware to not over exert your confidence. If you appear overly awesome, others may feel intimidated and non worthy which may result in them considering you to NOT be awesome.

Remember, if you do awesome things, say awesome things, you will be awesome. The rest is really up to you. If you stick with this guide sit back, relax and watch the world change as you become awesome.


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