Fun Foods to Make on Halloween

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            Serve these scary spiders, tombstones, pumpkin cheese balls and much more to thrill and chill the guests at your Halloween party.

            Scary Spiders

            These are so easy to make.  Bake cupcakes using a chocolate cake mix.  Once baked, take the wrappers off the cupcakes and line the cupcakes on a cookie sheet.  Top each cupcake with chocolate frosting.  Use black licorice for his legs, shaved chocolate to make him furry and candies for his eyes and mouth.

            Grave Crackers

            These are fun to make.  Line a cookie sheet with piles of crumbled chocolate graham cracker to make the dirt.  Then use green tinted coconut for the grass and spread along the outer layer of the cookie sheet.  Then line chocolate graham crackers on top of the crushed crackers.  For the head of the skeletons, use a flattened marshmallow and melted chocolate for the eyes and mouth.  For the body, arms and legs use pretzels dipped in white chocolate. 

            Pumpkin Cheese Balls

            Take a cream cheese ball and top the entire ball with crushed Doritos to make it look like a pumpkin.  Slices black olives in half for the eyes and mouth and a pickle for the pumpkin stem. 

            Ghostly Stew

            You will need to make a batch of Shepherd’s Pie to make this delicious stew.  Shepherd’s Pie used ground meat, mashed potatoes and cream style corn.  Place a serving of pie into individual serving dishes.  Take the extra mashed potatoes, and make piped ghost shapes.  Use thinly and small sliced pickles for the eyes.

            Batty Cookies

            For this creation, you will need chocolate Pop-Tarts, chocolate dipped Oreo cookies, Jelly beans, chocolate chips and colored sprinkles.  Cut the Pop-Tarts into triangles.  Place an Oreo on top of 2 Pop-Tart triangles.  Use jelly beans for the eyes and chocolate chips for the eyeballs.  Sprinkle the colored sprinkles over the wings.

            Alley Cat Pops

            These are super easy to make.  Take rice crispy treats and cut each one in half.  Place each half on a Popsicle stick.  Dip each half into melted chocolate and let dry on a cookie sheet.  Use colored jelly beans for the eyes and melted white chocolate for the whiskers.

            Halloween Sandwich

            For this recipe you can use rolls or English muffins cut in half.  Toast each half.  On each half, place spoonful of marinara or spaghetti sauce.  Then add two meatballs on each half.  For the eyes, use two small balls rolled from cream cheese and push into the front of the meatball.  Added black olives sliced into triangle for the pupil.  Cut slices of orange sweet peppers and arrange on the meatballs for the beak and eyebrows. 

            And there you have it…the fun foods you can make on Halloween.


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