How to stage a house to sell

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The first step when staging a home is to make sure you have an eye for design or hire someone to help you with this step. Many people think they can keep their stuff in the home and have an open house you should not do this, there are companies that you can rent furniture from for just a few days that offer a wide variety of modern, classic, and neutral styles. If you have not already moved out and your home has your belongings in it, then there needs to be a clean sweep. Keeping things looking simple and less cluttered is the whole idea when presenting.

Secondly, when you stage a home for a sale you want to make sure it looks presentable. You want the space to look appealing to the potential buyers. Hang a few key pieces of art on the walls, and take down anything on the walls that makes the room look crowded. Also, on tables or accent furniture place a few vases of fresh flowers. Flowers always provide a sense of newness and growth, and they look gorgeous to the eye

And the last point in staging is to keep in mind that neutral is a huge selling point. If there are walls painted brighter and bold colors this can really make a room appear totally different in mood and lighting. Take a few days to pick out neutral colors and give the rooms a quick repainting. The time it takes to repaint the walls will be worth it when you make the sale.


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