How to Save Money on Medications and Presriptions

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prescriptiondrugs-main_Thumb.jpg saving money on prescription drugs

  1. Step 1drugstore_Thumb.jpg shop and compare drug stores

    COMPARE DRUG STORES – call and shop around at different drug stores and compare prices for your medicines. you might be surprised at how much you can save at one drug store or pharmacy over another.

  2. Step 2walmart_Thumb.jpg check the price at the walmart pharmacy

    WALMART PHARMACY – check the price for your prescriptions at the Walmart pharmacy. they have a lot of prescriptions starting at only 4.00 a prescription and even if your’s isn’t one of them, you may still save considerably over a drug store.

  3. Step 3generic_Thumb.jpg buy generic and save

    BUY GENERIC – buying generic brands can save a lot of money on prescriptions and most of the time, there’s little to no difference in the generic or the name brand drug.

  4. Step 4healthinsurance_Thumb.jpg compare insurance policies

    SHOP INSURANCE COMPANIES- call and shop different insurance companies and their policies and plans. insurance companies are not the same. they have different plans and co-pay amounts or deductibles that they require to be met before the insurance kicks in and starts to pay on medications and prescriptions, so it pays to shop around and find the right insurance policy for your needs.

  5. Step 5useyourhealthinsurance_Thumb.jpg use the insurance

    USE YOUR INSURANCE – you are paying for your insurance, so use your insurance card when getting your prescriptions filled. prescriptions are usually a lot cheaper with insurance than without it.


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