The theory of reincarnation

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                                       The  theory  of  reincarnation

         Do you believe in the theory of reincarnation or transmigration of soul or  in simple language, rebirth of a human being? I don’t  believe in it being a Christian. The Bible says that you live only once on the Earth and thereafter you will be transferred to either Heaven or hell.  Whereas the Hindu holy books say that your existence today is governed by the  good and bad things you had done in your previous life.  You go through this repetitive process of  births and rebirths  until you reach God’s abode.  If you had lived a holy life, you could reach God’s feet immediately  at the death of any life. That’s the reason  why many religious people renounce  life,  go and live in the Himalayas away from any civilization, evil influence etc; such a secluded life  lest they committed any sin and lost their heavenly place.

         While I do not agree with the reincarnation theory, I am very fascinated at this concept though it has several loop holes.  For instance, do you remember what good and bad you had done in your immediate past  life?  No. Similarly could you forecast what you are going to be in your next left on this glorious Earth and not repeat the same bad deeds? No, again. 

        Nevertheless, it is nice to think that you were a descendent of Emperor
Ashoka or William Shakespeare or some Greek Philosopher  who could  have been your  125th grand father. Or, probably you were Queen Victoria in one of your previous lives
and directed the takeover of India from the East India company.

        But then it would be equally depressing to know that you were a hard core criminal
or a dacoit of sorts who was hanged at 0230 hours one fine morning some 2 years  back.

        How wonderful it would be if someone could write out the  identity in all your previous lives.  But pity, this will remain a mystery so long as we  are on this Earth. When you ultimately reach god’s abode, you may like to ask him for a print out of the details of your past lives !

       That’s so far our past is concerned. What about the future?  Perhaps you wouldn’t know a thing about it either. You may not get even a hazy picture of what you are going to be.  Bu you could let your imagination go wild on the possibilities. For example, if you had been born in a low class family, you may find a place in a high class home;  if you are from a poor family, you may be born in a rich family which is floating in wealth.  If you have been a failure in life, scoring just pass marks in every exam, you could become a topper in every class to the envy of all your classmates and secure a high paying job as well. If you are handicapped person in this life such as defective legs, blind or mute, nothing to worry. In your next  life you could be just the opposite and possibly be an Olympic medalist too.  You never know you might be a genius with super brain and understand many things about Space, which our present day scientists are unable to fathom..  If you are an ugly looking girl now, you might be Miss  Universe or  Miss World with offers coming from all corners for roles in the latest Hollywood movies in the next life..

         But if you contract AIDS or H1N1 in today’s life , I can tell with some guarantee what you would be in your next life ? A mosquito or a bed bug  or an ant which will get crushed  mercilessly under some human hand.  So beware.


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