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***watch it quick if you haven’t yet***

The north avenue irregulars is one sort of movie which provides entertainment in each of the genre sectors viz. comedy, action, crime, family and drama. Keeping true to its brand, this is another of Walt Disney’s great movies I think. The very beginning of the movie is a short cartoon from the house of Walt Disney.

The movie plot is very simple and enjoyable. Even my 9 year old nephew enjoyed it and I didn’t have to explain him the story plot !!!


Rev. Michael Hill (Edward Herrman) is just assigned to the church in the north avenue neighborhood. But then, there is much mismanagement in the church proceedings. The church is about to be closed down due to lack of enough mass in the Sundays. To top that all another problem arises when the rev. transfers the charge of the church’s sinking funds to Mrs. Rafferty (Patsy Kelly). Mrs. Rafferty was asked to “start thinking of ways to build the fund”. So, she and her husband (Douglas Fowley) bet the existing fund at a gambling joint, hoping to win the bet. But the bet is lost. So is the church fund. The rev. tries in vain to recover the sum. He even speaks of stopping gambling over the radio. The bookies then try blowing up the church.

At this time he is approached by detective Marv (Michael Constantine) with a plan to stop gambling. But, he needs some able bodied and competitive men who could work as irregular detectives. What the Rev. could arrange is just six ladies working with the church committee. they are-

1) Mrs. Rafferty
2) Mrs. Vickie Sims(Barbara Harris)
3) Anne ( Susan Clark)
4) Cleo Jackson( Virginia Capers)
5) Claire (Cloris Leachman)
6) Jane (Karen Valentine)
7) There was a seventh irregular. It was in fact Mr. Rafferty dressed as a woman

These ladies appear just the opposite of what Marv had asked for. They blow up the whole operation at the first go. Anyhow they jell together and try helping out. There is some change in plans too.

At this time the movie is just halfway through. What happens next is worth finding out for you. Although there is no much element of surprise included, still, writing a spoiler wouldn’t be fair enough for me.


There is a scene in which the church is blown up by the bookies. While shooting the movie the shooting team carried out the whole process nicely, but forgot that there was no film in the camera they were shooting with.


My opinion would be that you don’t wait for the second thought. Just grab a DVD copy and enjoy it to the best. And need not be mentioned with the whole family. After all, laughing out loud isn’t complete if the family is not around. You get a good time pass and a nice dose of comedy and action.

===a comical adventure===

“The north avenue irregulars” is one of the many decent comedies produced by Walt Disney in the 1970’s. The best aspect of the movie is that you don’t find any use of abusing words or vulgarity in the movie. Still, the movie is a laughter generator.

The best comical scene in the movie is the one in which Claire somehow has her long nails trimmed in a car bang and screams in horror. She then starts to bang the erring car in return, crying and grinning at the same time. To this the bookies’ boss says “she is nuts. Get away from her.”

There are no less comical scenes in the movie. You will enjoy each one better. Watch out for these:-

1) How Jane, her fiance and his mother deal with each other the whole length of the movie. Find out who’s side the fiance chooses at last- Jane’s or his mother’s.
2) Watch out for Patsy Kelly and Douglas Fowley.
3) You should also not miss the scene in which Mrs. Rafferty, Cleo and Vickie go to a coffee shop dressed as “twins” to make a bet. They take a tape recorder along to gather proof which, by mistake, contains a prerecorded tape. The tape then plays and the trio try singing the song loud to hide the glitch. Better see for yourself.

===action- quite enjoyable.===

The movie has much of the action in form of car chasings and bangs. The last scene has quite a load of that. The irregulars keep on trailing the money bookers throughout their way and at last find the final destination to where the gambling money goes. It is then the most exciting action-comedy starts. The six ladies (or rather seven) slam bang each of the bookies’ cars and stop them from fleeing. At the same time they too get their cars crushed.

What is most interesting is the way Cleo drives up in her old truck and crushes the other cars.


I hope the Walt Disney had more in it when it produced the movie. There was a message hidden (but quite obvious). The movie shows how bad gambling is and how dangerous the bookies are. Also it depicts how the citizens must help stopping the crime.

So, on an average I hope the movie would score 8/10. And that’s keeping in mind the all round appeal and entertainment for all.


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