Are angels for real? (exert from the Silver Lining)

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Sometimes people ask me about my Angels and do I know their names.  I have at times been aware of Angels’ names in my work but I don’t really feel it is necessary for me to know.  I have often felt a presence working with me during a reading or healing which to me, is much better confirmation that the angels are around.  The name of anything, such as an angel, guide or light worker only serves as a reminder that they are real to us and with faith and love we often find it is not necessary to cling to this.   Still it is true that many people seem to like evidence that is human nature.  However, one of the most important aspects relating to angels, I can tell you about is that angels are fantastic at the work they do and how much they help all of us in our lives.    I believe that angels are one-dimensional beings (this means that they have mastered all the dimensions).    I could have said multidimensional but they do not want me to put that for some reason as they are aware of all the dimensions but their specific mission is to work with us, as they are indeed Gods messengers.  I would remind you once again that whilst writing this section of the book, the information I am receiving at this time is purely channelled rather than being through my opinion:

Angels are aspects of us and aspects of God.  Angels do not have the density of our vibration so that they cannot exist on earth in the same way as us.  When we are born, an angel is assigned to us as our keeper.   We could say a keeper of the light, in order to protect us from the darkness.   Not that darkness is ultimately bad for us, unless there is some sort of imbalance, which means that we are stuck in a place where there is too much!  With each angel comes a book of promises, which is the soul contract you have made with your angel before you came into this density.  You angel acts as the higher aspect or a more evolved you and although a separate entity, its mission is very much just to guide you on your path.  The more light you receive from your angel by connecting to him/her, as they are both male and female, the easier it is for you to find your path back to God.   By listening to the messages the angel whispers in your ear you are able to achieve your soul purpose more easily without going on too many diversions.  The angel knows your soul purpose but has made a promise in the contract or book of promises that only one thing will be revealed to you at a time.  This is to avoid complete confusion or mind overload and hence gradual progression so that you can learn the basics first.  People will come into your life who challenges your thoughts and feelings and connection with your angel.  This can be seen as a sort of gridlock as you move through the experience you have attracted.  The experience you attract although sometimes harsh is to aid your growth and personal development and to ultimately gain wisdom. Sometimes we feel as though we have lost the guidance and become almost lost souls, or lost at sea for a period of time whilst we try and re-establish connection with our “higher aspects” and angel wisdom. Despite how we may feel at times, our angel is still there listening to us, as he or she is with us all the time.  Our own guardian angel loves us dearly but cannot break the contract of the book of promises because this is what we agreed to at the beginning.  Some people refer to this as a soul contract that you agreed to before you came to the earth.  In order for your angel to turn the next page so that you can re-align and connect with your soul purpose, you must overcome the gridlock challenges of the darker aspects of yourself.  Hence running away from them never really solves a thing, along with anger, revenge or lack of forgiving which keeps us in a negative state!  Hence we must learn to forgive and release in order to move forward.  It is only through love and acceptance and not through fighting or blaming others that we can find the universal love to re-connect.  You angel is then able to turn the next page of your book of promises and reveal the next step in your life along your path to enlightenment.

Of course your angels are there to assist you at every step of your life and asking for help is good.  They do not intend to let you down but without the challenges of the dark side of your nature there would be no duality and therefore no need for balance.  If the world were only full of light there would be no driving force to take us forward because it is through anger and frustration and disappointments, that we are often propelled forward.  We need drive and inner strength to establish an even better connection, where we are even more aligned with our soul purpose.  Without the shadow, we would become just washy individuals with no soul experience.   If we permanently reside in the light, how could we ever get to grips with the world we live in or teach others if we had not experienced both?  The light and the dark are all part of our evolvement on planet earth.  So in other words, you can sit in the dark for a while but you must learn to turn on the light or you can be in the light for ages and become frustrated that there is no excitement or stimulation.  However, shining a bit of light onto a situation can be illuminating and enable us to see more clearly what is going on and this is certainly very useful if we are stuck in a void.  Being stuck can certainly make you feel that we are being pulled further and further down. When this happens it may well be necessary to ask someone to shine a bit of light for you such as a therapist, healer or close friend whilst you link again to that higher aspect of yourself and learn to listen to your angel.  You are not alone or shut out in your experience you are only recoiling, becoming a tighter spring, ready to be propelled forward with more confident strides.  Remember that an angel is a messenger and as such, gives you help and guidance, rather than doing it all for you!  On occasions when your life is in danger you angel can definitely help and thus miracles can occur.  This rather depends on your contract and what you have agreed on another level of existence. An angel will definitely intervene if she/he thinks that you still have important work to do on planet earth and you have lost your way.

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