Get Your Wife Back

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No matter how long the relationship has ended, feelings tend to linger. In some situations, it has been weeks or even months but the couples are still emotionally attached to each other. This may start you wondering. It would probably occur to you the dilemma of “how to tell if my ex wife wants me back”. Well, here are some things that might give you a clue if she does.

#1 She constantly contacts you to share her life

This may come naturally for some relationships even after it has already ended. Some couples rely too much on their partners in being their sounding board especially if they have kids. But a lot of women too call their ex husbands just to let their presence known. You may have noticed this if your ex constantly talks to you even if the subjects of your discussion are not really important.

#2 She is interested about what’s going on with your life… too interested.

She doesn’t have to ask you in person about the latest events in your life. You may have heard that your ex wife have asked your common friends or even your kids about you. Maybe she casually dropped into the conversation her question whether you’re seeing someone else or what’s going on with your social life right now. She wants to know if you have already moved on or perhaps even have replaced her in your heart already.

#3 She keeps the little things that you have collected as a couple.

You may have noticed that she still displays or is even protective of the things you have collected when you were still married. It can be a kitschy clock or an ugly figurine you bought in your honeymoon, but it is something that has a certain attachment to both of you because of the memories it can invoke. Holding on to these items is a way for a lot of people to hold on to the memory of the relationship.

#4 She is overly supportive of you.

That may be just her personality but not a lot of women are still supportive of their ex husbands unless they still have feelings for them. She might want you back if you notice that she always seems to be there when you need her the most. It can be anything from pep talks or giving you a shoulder to cry on, but her acts of emotional support certainly makes you feel that she cares.

If she have tested in this guide on how to tell if my ex wife wants me back, then it’s up to you whatever move you’ll make. In the end, the decision still lies on your hand.


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