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Top 10 Haunted Spots Kuala Lumpur

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When you visit Kuala Lumpur, check out these places with histories of hauntings — if you dare!

1. Victoria’s Institution
How could you not see this on the list? Come on… at 116 years old, it’s bound to have some ghoulies running around. Most famously, and this is uncertain for every source we’ve looked at or heard from varies, it was used by the Japanese soldiers during WWII as HQ/execution area/ marching ground etc. I’m sure you know at least one V.I. boy who’ll enlighten you with various stories.

2. Highland Towers
This just had to be on the list lah. As far as fame goes, this is like the Richard Gere of eerie sites in KL. In 1993, one of 3 blocks collapsed which led to 48 deaths. Besides being surrounded by overgrown plants, the unkept condition of the buildings just make it perfect when it comes to haunts. They do say that ghosts do enjoy residing in “dirty” areas. Only one way to find out…

3. Kajang Highschool
Maybe this isn’t as famous as it should be because V.I. takes the cake in central KL. Similarly, this highschool was occupied by the Japanese for similar reasons. Students and ex-students from that area, will gladly verify the spookies.

4. Abandoned bungalows in Bangsar
Bangsar-ians will not thank me for this. Alas, the world wants to know. Apparently, (and I use ‘apparently’ cause the story started with just one bungalow and soon become a whole stretch of bungalows) there are a few haunted houses in Bangsar with all sorts of background stories. Most notably some guard went bonkers and murdered the kids and dumped the bodies into the water tank. Cool.

5. Poliklinik Cheras
Well, this is an old one, we’re not sure whether the site is still there cause some reports say that the area is going through some new development. No one in the office has cahones large enough to go check it out. The story goes that it was an abandoned government hospital that was left as it was. So, visitors would encounter “people” walking around. If it is gone, it would be a terrible shame.

6. Heritage Hotel
Hotel, hotel, hotel. How many stories have we heard that involves hotels? This one however is given extra attention cause it’s located above the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, and one of the oldest colonial buildings in KL. In it’s hayday, it was the bees knees, I tell you. It’s got an amazingly retro elevator and one of the most famous Lambhorgini accidents in Malaysian history right outside it’s doorsteps. Who knows what has happened over the years behind closed doors? It’s still running by the way, so why don’t you check in for a night? *Cue in Hotel California*

7. Pudu Jail
A hub for bad guys for a long time. It also has had a history of overcrowding too. If that won’t encourage hauntings, I don’t know what will. The executions did not take place in the prison itself, but the last days of the said criminal were spend there, so, revisiting should be quite common. Also, I remember that some of them were quite the artists. Accounts have said that they’ve seen “people” disappear after turning corners and voices coming from cells. Voices, paintings, and disappearances.

8. St. Johns Institution
Hoorah! More ex-Japanese occupation related hauntings. What could I mention that hasn’t been already? I’ve been wrong before, so I’m betting I am missing a few pieces from the puzzle. If you were to study the buildings of St. Johns’ Institution, you could almost draw yourself a horrifying plot. I’m sure if you stayed late into the night and walked along the corridors, you’re bound to encounter or hear something. Your resident St. Johanian should know more.

9. Putrajaya
OK, this shouldn’t be here cause it’s not technically in KL, but it’s still a good place to go… hunting. OK, here’s why it’s on the list, it’s not as populated so you never know what’s what. Furthermore, I hear that to build the place, there was loads of clearing done. We all know what they say about clearing forest areas; past residents don’t just go.

10. Karak Highway
Neither is this a place in KL, but this just had to be on the list. For the sheer amount of stories, it’s got the record. From pontianaks to djinns, to mysterious VW beetles. There has also been stories of motorcyclists feeling an extra passenger too. Fancy a drive?


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