Protect Your Children from Vaccine Reactions and Dangerous Side Effects

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This article will show you how to protect your children from the dangers of vaccines, and hopefully help you make the right decisions.

Do you want to know how to protect your children from the adverse reactions of vaccines? Easy… do not vaccinate your children.

I’m one of those parents that did choose NOT to vaccinate my son. To this day, 10 years later, I’m very proud of the decision I made.

However, just because I don’t believe in the “benefits” of vaccines (and I have done my research believe me!) does not mean all parents must think the same. I work with mothers and infants every day. I also work with one of the best pediatricians in the country, and even do she is “open” and believe in vaccines; she agree with me in giving the following advice to parents.

1- Try to find a holistic pediatrician. One that have an open mind about vaccines and respect parents choices, without making them feel guilty for the decisions they make.

2- Wait at least until the baby is 6 months to start routine vaccination. If you choose to vaccinate your children, please make sure your pediatrician don’t give more than one vaccine at a time. Please know that it is NOT necessary to give ALL of the vaccines, “required” by the government, instead talk to your pediatrician (or do some research on your own)about what vaccines you choose to give and which ones no.

3- If you give vaccines, make sure you ask for them to not contain thimerosal (mercury)they are new vaccines made without thimerosal, however they are more expensive. So unless you request them, you may get the “normal” vaccine shot.

4- when giving a vaccine, make sure to ask the serial number (lot #) and get the company’s info. In the case of an adverse reaction, you can sue the company and do something about. if you don’t have the vaccine serial #, expiration date and other related info, they cannot be track and therefore do anything about it. read the information I provide below and get as much information as you can before deciding to vaccinate your child.

5- Please know that there is not school or educational institution that will refuse to admit your children unless they have all the vaccines. This is some of the misleading information they provide to parents.

6- You have the constitutional right to choose not to vaccinate your children. There are exemption forms and attorneys (if necessary)that specialized in this subject. You can get an exemption form from your state easily via website. See below for information and resources.

Please keep an open mind here and understand that I’m not telling you not to vaccinate your children if you believe vaccines are good and necessary. What I’m telling you is to don’t let them give more than one vaccine at a time, research as much as possible and educate yourself before giving vaccines.:)



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