LG KT610, Mobile Communicator

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As we all know, around October 2008 Motorola has been circulated KT610 mobile communicator series in Indonesia. First time in release, this phone is priced around 3.5 million rupiah. However, as the era and the emergence of mobile-phone other types, now this phone prices have dropped to around 1.9 million only. Perhaps many of us will be puzzled by this phenomenon, how come there are mobile communicator series but has a price below the 2 million …? Yes, it was also the first time I felt when I first saw the brochure in a mall in Tangerang Indonesia. However, now that’s what happened. Mobile is almost perfect this we can get a relatively cheap price. Why do I write ‘almost perfect’ ..? Because in my opinion, this phone has some shortcomings including the lack of wifi is planted on this phone. In addition, the power of the battery used is relatively KT610 very wasteful, especially if we use this phone to surf virtual world. However, in addition to having a few shortcomings, this phone also has many advantages. Among them is a 3.5G on this phone, yes … with 3.5G we can browse the internet very quickly. In addition, this phone has been equipped with a support Google’s application, such as Maps, Mail, and You Tube. In addition, this phone is also equipped with a Qwerty keyboard, 2MP camera, VGA camera for video call, Real Player, Flash Player, and external memory up to 8Gb.

Overall performance of LG KT610 relatively good. We used to nickname and receive voice calls sounded good enough. Almost no other foreign noise.


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