How to Go Up Levels on World of Warcraft

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When you first start to play World of Warcraft, you will see how much fun it is. WoW is one of the most entertaining games out there and there is no denying that there are tons of WoW fans. When playing WoW, the main goal is to reach that final level in the game. There is a lot of controversy going around about the every so popular game “World of Warcraft” stating that WoW causes you to lose your job and family, but that isn’t true. Yes, WoW is an addicting game, but it is the person that says when to stop. Within this article, I am going to give you instructions on how to  go up levels on World of Warcraft without wasting your time.

 You Will Need:


Wow Account

The first thing you will want to do is find good Add Ons. A great add on that will help you is Quest helper. This add on will tell you what it takes in order to complete a quest. It will also show you the exact location for all of your quests.

The next step we recommend for gaining levels fast is to visit those dungeons. The best way is to ask a friend who has a character with a high level to help you through those low level dungeons. If you go through those dungeons fast, then you will level up fast.

If you do not have a friend with a higher level that can help you run through those dungeons, then you should stick with the quests. Do quest after quest after quest and you should reach the top in no time.

You shouldn’t waste your time working on that secondary stuff that doesn’t involve you gaining experience in the game. The best thing you can do in WoW would be to level up fast. After you level up, you can go back and work on those professions and skills. Unless you run across a rare item that you can sell, then you shouldn’t waste your time in the auction house.

Last, I would like to say that quests can be completed faster when you are in groups. If you go out and grab a bunch of quests together, as a group, then you will find yourself leveling up faster.


If you are alone, then do quests

If you have a higher level friend, then do dungeons

If you can, go on quests with groups


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