Emu Oil for Hair Loss

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One time or another we may see hair loss in our body and this is where emu oil for hair loss comes in handy. We all know that there are numerous benefits of emu oil and yes one of them is to prevent hair loss.

Here you will find all the necessary information on how emu oil can save you from this annoying problem. Majority of the hair loss that occurs in a women’s body is due to ‘’Androgenetic Alopecia’’ which in turn is caused by DHT (a derivative of testosterone). Enzymes present in the women’s scalp convert this testosterone to DHT which overtime reduces the growth of hair.

Now coming to bottom line that how emu oil prevents hair loss. It does its job either ways, one by preventing the DHT to attach to the hair follicles and other by promoting new hair growth. So Emu oil for hair loss is no doubt a perfect natural solution for our long lasting hair problem. Emu oil does not allow the DHT to attach itself to the hair follicles meaning it cannot kill it and even if some damage has already been done to the hair follicles emu oil will come in handy again as it nourishes the skin and makes it healthier promoting the hair growth. Even if some of the women are facing frontal baldness mu oil is perfect for this difficult job too.

Emu oil has an edge over all its alternatives that include medication and even periodic injections on the scalp which are merciless, painful and expensive. And even after bearing so much you have to face side effects. Whereas emu oil is 100% natural and has no side affects whatsoever. It penetrates the skin and provides all the nourishments to the affected areas of the scalp. Also this oil’s composition is similar to human skin so there is no question about any side effect or toxicity that may appear. Application of this oil is also very simple and we have got a choice. Either we can apply it directly or can have its capsules which encourage the growth from inside.

Also it is not likely to encounter irritation with the application of emu oil. Over the several tests conducted it has never been a cause of any sort of irritation. And being natural there are present no harmful effects no matter how much emu oil is applied. Emu oil for hair loss is widely used and is a favorite treatment of millions.


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