How To Optimize Your Bukisa Income

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   You will notice some of my articles on Bukisa have different amounts of views. There are a view with over 50 within 2 days and some with only 10-20. The difference is some are optimized for views and quality and return views!

   An important part of optimization is keywords! Usually you hear about keywords inside articles, which are important enough and you should try to incorporate as often as possible. However on Bukisa you also need to properly use the “tags” option properly for many views from other Bukisa users! Try not to stretch it but don’t be afraid to think about “tags” for your new bukisa article for a few minutes, I have spent more time on “tags” then on actual articles more then once to get the proper ones!

   Another important Bukisa feature is friends! You need to make a lot of Bukisa friends as they will give you important feedback and ideas! Not to mention giving each othe positive comments and views! I also write for Triond and I get a lot of feedback and views immidiatly after publishing an article, I often use the comments to make it better for future readers!

   Article quality on Bukisa is equally important! Writting a rant about Wal-Mart taking over the world and an informative article on a good How-To topic. Well written and well spelt with proper grammar is essential! Nothing is worse then trying to read an article not formed in proper articles or listed items without proper spacing and numbers!

  I always appreciate new friends on Bukisa or a comment on any Bukisa article I have or will write. I will also enjoy talking to anyone about a subject I’ve written about especially this one!


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