How to boost your energy to achieve your goals

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I am convinced that achieving a goal all begins with energy management. Take a moment to imagine what you would like to do, achieve, become, or have and you get a sense of euphoria from the picture in your mind. But that enthusiasm goes away quickly as soon as you feel tired, sleepy, hungry or overwhelmed by all the mundane things you have to do. Without energy, both physically and mentally, you won’t have the drive to take the steps in the direction of your goals.

Before you even think about what steps you’ll have to take to achieve your goals, work on your energy level. Start with a good night’s sleep. Eight hours is the recommended starting point but every person is different. Without proper sleep your body or your mind won’t be alert and enthusiastic about much of anything.

Energy is also supported by what you eat and drink. Develop an eating pattern that balances protein, carbs and fat. You need all three eaten together in the proper amounts spaced throughout the day. Avoid heavy, fatty meals that are hard to digest. When your body is forced to digest such meals, all your attention is directed to digestion and you feel sluggish and unmotivated to do much else.

To maintain your blood sugar levels, space your meals out and eat something every few hours. Then you won’t feel the highs and lows. Your motivation levels ride those highs and lows and mentally you’ll notice the difference. For those mini-meals, don’t rush to the vending machine and grab a candy bar or a soda. Eat a small portion of nuts, some cottage cheese, raw vegetables, or even some protein bars. Just ensure your portions are moderate.

Exercise is also key to boosting your energy. Aerobics, weight training, and stretching should all be incorporated into your routine. If you don’t take care of your body you can’t expect it to perform like you need it to when it comes accomplishing your goals. Don’t try to rely on artificial methods for boosting your energy such as caffeine or energy drinks. You may get a temporary boost but what goes up must come down and in the end you create more harm than good.

When you work to maintain and boost your energy levels you will have the physical stamina to take the necessary steps toward reaching your goals. Physical energy is the foundation. Coupled with motivation, focus, commitment and consistency, you can achieve just about anything you set your mind to.


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