Choose a Valentine Theme Wedding

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COLORS: First of all for Valentine’s day we think of red and pink. You could use either of these colors or incorporate both of them into your Valentine themed wedding. Have a touch of red or pink accent added to your dress, you could do this by dying the bottom of it or simply sewing a red or pink silk piece of fabric, about 2 to 3 inches thick to the top edge or bottom edge of your wedding gown. You could also decorate with red or pink Christmas lights and red or pink streamers.

FLOWERS: Your flowers should be red or pink, with white or cream to accent. Roses would be the best choice for a Valentine’s day themed wedding, since they are the most popular on Valentine’s day. When we think of Valentine’s day, we normally think of roses.

CHOCOLATE: You should definitely include chocolate into your Valentine’s day themed wedding. Another things that comes to mind quickly when we think of Valentine’s day is chocolate. It is usually used as gifts and handed out on Valentine’s day. You could use chocolate treats as favors on your reception tables for your guests. Use pieces of chocolate as name card holders. You could even use chocolate in your flower bouquet to really set off the Valentine theme.

ROMANCE: A Valentine themed wedding should look elegant and very romantic. Think about low lighting for the wedding and reception to set a romantic mood and glow. Think about a long flowing elegant dress and leave your hair down long and flowing to look elegant. Long, soft lines and lighting will set the romantic mood to add to the Valentine theme. Have glowing candles centerpiece on the reception tables and light your wedding cake up with romantic candles. Talk to your cake maker and see if they can set candles right on the tiers of the cake for a romantic look. Be creative and make your Valentine’s themed wedding look as romantic as possible.


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