Not confident writing in English

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This is one of reason why most non-native English speaker won’t success in writing. That because afraid to write in English. Yeah you will get criticized about your grammar, tense, etc but that’s just a challenge. It’s normal for a beginner to get bad comment about language, content and writing skills. Sometimes it can’t make you frustrated and give up in writing ( hope I won’t give up).

Not all of  readers are native English speaker. Some of them just understand a little bit of English. Be yourself and try to write honestly without copying. This is my tips to writing your own English article.

1. Never translate from your language. It is bad because most of language have their own grammar. Readers can’t understand your sentences because the words arrangement is not the same.
2. Use dictionary to find related words. Sometimes it’s difficult to explained sentences. But don’t rely much on dictionary. You will jam if the words can’t be found. Just place the similar meaning on the sentences.
3. KISS method. Keep It So Simple.. Don’t make a long sentence unless you are confident with it. Just explain with about 5-10 words.The readers will easy to understand your content.
4. Use free online grammar checker can be useful in certain circumstance. I just try spellchecker to check some of my content. But don’t depend too much on it. It will take your time to repair your content.. And it will make you pressure to write on proper way.
5. Checking with the expert. If you have friend that really good in English. But for me, I really like to write in my way and then do some checking myself.

That’s my tips to write in Englishfor non native speaker English blogger .

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