Gi Joe Halloween Costumes 2009

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Whether you are an adult or a child you can dress up and become a real hero this Halloween by donning the Duke or Snake Eyes GI Joe costume and saving the world from those adults and children donning the Storm Shadow and Cobra Commander Costume.

In addition, there are a number of accessories such as Snake Eyes Sword and Sheath, Snake Eyes Deluxe Gloves, Storm Shadow Sword with Strap, Duke Boot Covers, Duke Adult Full Helmet that go along with the GI Joe costumes.


Cobra Commander Adult Costume
Conquer the World! Be a Cobra Commander

Be the egotistical and paranoid conman, blaming all your problems on the corrupt American system that always crushed the little guy in this disguise. Costume features blue jumpsuit with collar and attached belt, black elbow length gloves and matching boot covers. Also includes blue and white helmet and attached gray mask. Now you can harbor great ambitions of wreaking vengeance upon big businesses and the government.


Storm Shadow Deluxe Costume
A bad guy covered in a good color!

A white costume can not disguise the deeds of a black-hearted ninja! From first glance he may not look like a bad guy, but don’t let his white appearance fool you, he’s got a heart of black. Costume features a white ninja-style top with attached belt, white pants, a fabric hood and white fingerless gloves.


GI JOE Duke Classic
Action is His Main Attraction!

As Acting First Sergeant, GI Joe team, Duke must lead an international team of operatives to battle against the evil organization COBRA! Become a G.I.Joe character with this Duke classic muscle child costume. It includes a black jumpsuit with stuffed armor torso and mask. He’ll always look out for his team as this first sergeant.


Snake Eyes Classic Child Costume
America’s future rests in the coils of a snake!

He’s a silent killer who will stop at nothing to defeat Storm Shadow. Become a G.I. Joe character with this Snake Eyes classic muscle child costume, which features a black jumpsuit with muscle torso and arms, attached arm guards and leg holsters, as well as a matching fabric hood with visor. Now he’s trained to kill and ready to defend his country.

These Gi Joe Costumes are made of high quality materials. So every penny is worth it. And you can use these not only for halloween but for costume party,kiddie party and any ocassions that best fit these costumes.

Buy gijoe halloween costumes and stand out from the rest. Dress to impress this Season! You can Buy Gi Joe Halloween Costumes at a low price.


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