iPod Touch

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I have owned an iPod Touch for almost a year now, and i must say it is great! There are so many key features to the iPod that have interested me. A key feature, however, is the applications. I seem to get lost in the application store and find myself downloading things that I would invest a great amount of time in, especially great games such as Tap Tap Revenge and Need for Speed. The games keep me hooked for more than an hour or two. Another great thing about the Touch is the music layout and everything incorporated in it. The Genius is great. What it does is it will group the song you are listening to with other songs in the same genre or songs that have the same style. Then, there’s audiobooks, which are basically books that are read to you, just in case you may not want to read! Another key detail is the mail application. Just type in your e-mail address and password in your setting for the iPod and it will send mail to your inbox on the application. It will automatically refresh when you go into the application so you can check your latest mail.

Then, there are some downsides to the iPod Touch. My iPod is great, but it has encountered many problems that you should be aware of. It has resetted itself a numerous amount of times, and the bottom right of the screen has been bent in in a strange way. I have talked to customer service several times before, but even they lack the support, as they seem to have a small amount of lines that connect to a customer service agent. They lack the service in store as well, for making an appointment with APPLE is complicated and misleading.

But in the end, the iPod Touch is a great investment for anyone who needs a mini computer on the go!


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