The Valley of Mud

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I fall asleep peacefully, entering a whole new world. I remain in the same home I live in day after day. Everything still feels familiar. I only notice a few differences. As I step out on the back porch, the first thing that catches my attention is a hello from a sophisticated siamese cat, and a few of her feline companions. Mischief was once my siamese friend, but is now deceased in the waking world I live in.

Mischief won’t shut up. She is extremely agitated. I reach down to rub her head. As I do so, I catch a glimpse of my father working in the yard. He is way out of place here. In the real world, he lives in a total separate county than I do. As I stare in awe, I spot another figure approaching in the shadows nearby my father. I cannot make out who the being is, only that it is a man of great statue. As he continues toward my bent down father, I realize he’s not a friend. He raises his right arm and strikes my father over the head, knocking him out cold.

For a few moments, I feel paralyzed and unable to move. Time stands still as I stare at the shadowy figure in the edge of the overgrown shrubbery. His eyes locked with my own for what seemed like eternity. Then he steps into the light. I am now staring at my own ancient heritage, a full blooded Indian. He is very old in age, but he carries his old age well.

I finally snap out of shock, and begin to realize I, too, may be in danger. I turn to seek safety behind a locked door, only to realize I am not alone on the porch either. There are three middle aged gentleman standing with me, now motioning me inside. I hesitantly moved forward, searching desperately for an escape route. As I look around, I also notice someone is missing from my world. My wonderful, real world companion has abandoned me to live out my own worse fears of the conscientious world I am now in.

The Indian has now joined us inside as well. He moves toward the living room window and opens the curtain. In plain view, sits my brutalized, alive father. He has blood pouring from his head. I start to panic and beg the strangers to spare the life of my poor father. I get no immediate response from any of them. The Indian continues to stare blankly out of the window. Meanwhile, I am now getting a closer look at the other three men. One of them actually looks like a cowboy ranger from days of old. He even has a golden, star-shaped badge pinned securely onto his right breast plate. The second man, a little younger, looked nervous and inexperienced. He is, however, quite handsome. The third man, on the other hand, is no where even close to handsome. He is a bit on the round side, and looks as if he never shaves his face. His hair is long, scraggly, dirty, and rather disgusting.

The three of them are quite the team. I think I can outsmart them somehow, but the Indian is the one I need to be severely cautious of. Indians are quite smarter in spirit and can sense the slightest change in motion. I, however, am of Indian heritage myself, and may be able to maneuver his spiritual senses. He stands there by that window staring at my helpless and defeated father as if he is gloating. This is making me quite angry and desperate to make my move. I have to get to my father and get him out of here to a place of safety and help. I don’t know how I am going to do it alone. I might be able to enlist the help of the youngest of the three men. I have to convince him somehow that it would suit him better to be on my side.

The Indian has sensed something. He is listening in the winds outside. He informs the three men to tie me up in a chair by the kitchen table. I never knew we had a kitchen table until now. In my waking world, there is none. This one is a small round oak wood table with four wooden chairs. The chairs look hand-made and very old. I am starting to feel as if I am trapped in an old western movie without the wooden shack house. Someone, please wake me up.

I am now tied to one of the old chairs, with the men surrounding me at the table. The youngest one is to my right. The ranger, cop want to be is to my left. The round man is straight across the table staring at my frightened face. The ranger leans toward my left shoulder and whispers sexual intentions toward me. The Indian has not looked toward us once until now. He totally rebukes the ranger about his intentions toward me. The Indian, up to this point, has made me feel like I am about to be harmed. However, he is showing concern for my welfare. I am not sure who to trust.

The three men are now laughing in my face, not as much from the younger one. The Indian once again shuts them all up. The ranger walks outside. I can see him pacing near my father, smoking a cigarette. The overweight one takes off to the bathroom to relieve himself. Now is my chance to get the younger one on my side. I still have an obstacle to overcome. The Indian is now keeping a sharp eye on me. I’m not sure how I can get to the young man as long as the Indian is in the room. I will wait for now until it is a better time to get one over on the Indian

Now the other two men have joined us back at the table. The Indian approaches and leans over my shoulder to speak. I listen patiently to learn what they want from me. ” You think that is your father out there? You have no idea who your father is. For long ago, two twins come out of the Valley Of Mud. Learn now, my child, who your father really is. That man out there is no where close to being your father.”

Then the men and the Indian up and disappeared. I ran out to my father, who hung his head lifeless. All the blood had ran out of his lifeless body. I fell to the ground in anguish. I was too late to save my father. I tried to find a phone, but could not. I ran as fast as I could to the closest neighbor. They called the police and paramedics. The paramedics had to check my father anyway. They found a very weak pulse and rushed him to the nearest hospital. I answered all the policeman’s questions, and signed statements.

After it was all over, I was free to go inside and ponder the words spoken by the Indian I could not make any sense of any of it. Who was the man laying the hospital bed, if indeed, he was not my real father? Better still, who is my real father if he not? There are so many of the questions are still unanswered. I am so confused at this point, all I can do is cry. I cry out to God in frustration, asking him why this has happened to me. Then it all hit me. God is the way to know the truth, so I prayed. I asked him to show me the answers.

I wake up, alone, in my bed. I am back in the real world. I feel like I am in shock. I feel groggy, and separated from my body. I am still lingering in another world where my ancient history has come to tell me a dark secret of my life. What did it all mean? What or where is the Valley of Mud? I finally came back down to real life, and got out of bed. Nothing seemed out of sorts, except the fact that I woke up alone. My life partner had once again abandoned me. Where in the world did he go?

I look around, and there’s no sign of him anywhere. I figure he’s gone to handle business for his job. So I continue my look around. Everything looks the same as it did before I fell asleep last night. Wait. Something is wrong. There is some kind of paranormal presence in the room. I feel as if I am surrounded by cat and Indian ghosts. I can hear cats meowing, but cannot see them. The Indians are singing, but I cannot see them, either. What do they want from me? Am I still dreaming? Or am I really awake? Am I losing my mind?

I need to sit down. As I sit, I realize that I am surely awake. However, I cannot explain what is happening. It is freaking me out completely. I fall back asleep on the couch. I am still hearing ghosts, but cannot see anything. I am in a trance, listening to the singing of the Indians I float backwards in time to many years ago, when no civilization existed. I was singing with the Indians I am an Indian I am looking into the face of one more Indian It is a girl. I am looking at me. The girl looks just like me. She is my twin and we are standing in a pile of mud. There are mountains surrounding us. Therefore, we are in a valley, “The Valley of Mud.”

I wake up once more in shock. I cannot make sense of what any of these things mean, and what they have to do with me. Then, I remembered my father. Maybe he would know something that could explain these weird occurrences. I dialed his number, but there was no answer. I felt a sinking feeling deep down in my guts. I tried to call him again, but still nothing. My heart starts to race now in panic. The phone rang, and startled me. It was my father’s roommate. She informs me my father has been hospitalized, he is in serious condition. Someone knocked him over the head. He was almost dead when she found him. My mouth dropped. I am terrified. How could this be?

I sit in a daze, wondering if I was sleeping again. It all had to be one long nightmare. That’s all I could think. I decided to wait on my lover to come home, and discuss these strange things with him. Maybe, he would be able to give me some kind of insight concerning these matters. I lie down, and rested from the stress of it all. I end up dozing off again. Only this time I was left alone to sleep in peace.

When I awake again, my lover is holding me in his arms. Finally, comfort comes from the inner turmoil I have been feeling. Just having his arms wrapped around me, gives me serenity. His love overwhelms me as much as the strange happenings in many ways. I tell him of all the things that have occurred recently. He agrees that it is a very strange time table of events. Then, he just holds me. It feels good, and then we forget about it all, at least for awhile.

After a bit, we go for a ride. We head south toward my father’s. We end up at the hospital to check on him. He is very weak, and is unable to speak properly. The terror in his eyes says it all. I can tell he had seen an Indian too. But what really happened to him? The Indian was only in my sleeping world. Was he in my father’s real world?

My lover and I leave my father sleeping in peace at the hospital, and head home for the night. We ride in silence for awhile. When we arrive home, I am so tired, but stay awake awhile longer anyway. We watch television and love on each other a bit before retiring to bed for the night. I don’t fall asleep easily this time. My mind is already occupied with the previous dreams and happenings. When I do finally drift off out of the waking world, I fall into a deep sleep. Once again, I hear the singing Indians and meowing cats. The old Indian man leans by me again. “Two twins come out of the Valley of Mud.” I woke up instantly, and could not fall back asleep.

I get up for awhile as not to disturb my partner in life. When I enter the living room, I see a Siamese friend. As sit on the couch, she climbs onto my lap and stares at me. I rub her head and talk to her gently. I ask her what she wants from me, not that I am expecting her to talk back. But to my surprise, she does. She tells me that the Indian is a long ago relative of mine. He is my father. He is trying to reach me from his grave. He wishes to warn me about coming events in my life. She also tells me to listen careful to his every spoken word. They contain hidden messages. Then my feline companion disappears, as the Indian sits next to me.

My confusion has me in limbo. I am still pondering what just what happened with the cat. Now, I have an Indian to deal with, whom is supposed to be my father. I do believe this has to be a case of mistaken identity.

The Indian takes my hand, and speaks. “Child, there is much you do not know. Please let me explain. I died twenty nine years ago. Just before I passed, you were born the twin of another who supposedly died. Your mother gave you up because she was hurt by the loss of her lover and your sister. She gave you to the man you now know as your father. He took you out of the Valley of Mud located in California. This is where you were originally born with your sister. There was a house fire in which your mother survived believing your sister and I died. Your twin sister never died then, and neither did I. Your mother pulled you from the fire as your sister and I was drug out the back of the house by three men. These men took your sister, and killed me as I was trying to protect her. Your sister is alive somewhere. I need you to find her. I have lost their trail. I followed for years. I watched them rape and abuse her unable to help her. You must be the one to find and help her escape. You are my smart child. When you finally help her, I can rest in peace. I am stuck between worlds because Of this unfinished business. Please listen to the spirits, they will guide you. Find your sister, and bring her home. Her home is with you, my child.”

Now I sit in such a shock, I cannot move my legs to walk. I have a sister and a new father all in less than three days. Things are starting to become clear. The three men in the dream were the three men who took my sister. One of them was a cop who was on the scene of the fire. That would be my perverted acting ranger. They also killed my father for trying to protect my sister, as he tried to protect me also in my dream. We were born in the Valley of Mud, and taken out of our homelands. My next course of action will be to find, and rescue my sister, as to put my father to rest in his grave. It seems as my Indian heritage is a lot stronger than I ever imagined. My father is a full blooded Indian. I can hear the spirits he spoke of in my life daily. I never knew they were guiding my every action.

I am unaware of where to start, so I want to consult my spirit guides. I know that I can depend on them to show me the way to my sister. I close my eyes to focus and listen for guidance. As I concentrate, I feel something amazing transpiring inside my heart. I begin to hear voices in my mind. These are, indeed, my spiritual guiders. They are speaking to me quietly from inside my heart and mind. I am not quite tuned into them enough to understand where they are leading me. I will have to figure out the first step for myself.

When I come out of my trance, I realize that I can always start researching the fire. My first place to start, therefore, would be the Internet. That’s it; I can do a search on the Valley of Mud. Maybe an article about the fire will come up that way. I don’t have home on-line services, so I will have to make a trip down to our local library. It is way too late to go today. I will have to go early tomorrow morning.

The rest of the day I will continue to try and connect again with my spiritual guiders. Maybe I can still receive some kind of insight into my new mission. I will also spend some time doing other things in order to relax away from the tension of the matter. Maybe that will help me become more in tune with the guides when I try again. The more relaxed I am the better.
It is later in the evening now. My lover and I ate dinner, and are now relaxing on the sofa for a little while before he leaves for work. I feel rather tired after all the events today. It feels peaceful to lie here in my man’s arms and forget about things for awhile. I doze off for a bit into my other strange world. The Indians are singing once again. However, I hear no cat anymore. I assume her mission has been completed. She eased my fears about my Indian father, and got me to listen to him personally. Her job here is done. I will choose to believe she is now at rest in animal heaven.

The Indians continue to sing as I sleep peacefully to their voices. When I awake, it is now time for my lover to depart from my presence. We kiss each other sadly, and I send him on his nightly journey. I will now use a few moments to try and hear my guides again. As I fall into my surreal state of mind, I hear religious music playing. The guides are now, also, singing. They are singing an old time favorite song, “Amazing Grace”.

I fall asleep to their music. I sleep peacefully with no other worlds entering my space. I stay this way until late in the night. I wake to the sound of the opening door. My lover has returned. He takes me into his arms and we savor one another as never before. No longer is he just my lover, he is my heart. We become closer to one another each day. He is the one person, besides God, that I trust with my life. I would go crazy if it were not for his love and support.

Now we lay satisfied in our bed, listening to one another’s heart beats. We both drift off to sleep once again in each other’s arms. When I wake up I have no memory of any dreams, Indians, or guides visiting my sleep world. I must, however, get started on my task for the day. I get up and dress for the chilly weather outside.

I also make a light breakfast for my love and I. He will be busy today working on his fishing nets, and finishing his boat projects. Therefore, I will make it a bike ride to the library today. It has proven to be great exercise, as well as wonderful thought time. It gives me time to clear my head and focus on the tasks at hand.

I am finally ready to ride. I kiss my love goodbye, and promise him to return soon. As I head out of the drive, I notice I have forgotten my telephone. I go back to retrieve it, and then start my trip again. There is not much traffic on the main road today, which is a nice thing. The road is usually crowded, and the drivers do not like sharing the road with cyclists. I make it too the library in record time, and with no harm. The computers are filled up as usual, so I will be waiting for at least a half hour. I will use the time to think about, and review in my mind the words spoken by the Indian. I find a quiet corner of the library and have a seat. I let myself drift into the past, and hear the words all over again. ” Two twins come out of the Valley of Mud.” Those seem to be my main key words too search for once I am able to get onto the computer.

Time has flown by quicker than I realized. It is already my turn to use the computer. As I sit in front of the screen, I am fearful of what my findings may bring. Up until this very moment, I have not had concrete proof that any of this has been the truth or real for that matter. I type the words, Valley of Mud, in the search engine box. I receive more than 20,000 hits, or articles. I scan the first page, and see nothing of interest. When I click onto the next page, my eyes automatically fall to the fourth article down. The heading clearly states that two twins have died in a house fire. I click on the link to the story, and wait for it to load.

When the page finally loads, it shows a few old photos. Within the first photo is an olden wooden house of sorts. This house has two stories to it. It looks quite modern in size. In the next photo, I discover the same house almost completely burnt to the ground. Finally, in the last photo, I see my mother holding a young baby. The baby is, indeed, me. Next to us stands a cop. This cop is an exact replica of my dream world ranger. My proof is staring in me in the face. I am in complete shock.

I finally snap out of it, and scroll the page down further. Toward the bottom lies a written article explaining the events of the fire. Bingo, I have a name of the cop, a name for my sister, and my father. The news story states that my father and sister were killed in the fire. Their names are Michael Lee Timberlin (Silver Moon), and Kindall Lynn Timberlin (Jaguar Chaser). I would assume their Indian names are the ones in parenthesis. Further down in the story my very own name is located. It also states me as Wendy Lee Timberlin (Eagle Eye Lee). It reads that I was the only surviving child of my mother, Francine Lynn Timberlin (Scream Kicker). It states that the fire was a freak accident caused by static electricity igniting curtains in the adult’s bedroom. How bazaar is that?

At the end of the article, it clearly states all investigations were completed by John Owen James Jr. shown in the above photograph with mother and child. Later this particular officer was let go from the force due to fraudulent investigation filings. He then went on the run to avoid prosecution.

I have decided to run a search on the officer’s name. I am hoping they may have caught him by now, or have other information concerning his whereabouts. After I do the search, a few articles catch my eyes. The first one reads that John James who was wanted for fraud has been spotted in central Alabama. The date on the headline is quite older than I can accept as quality information, so I move on to the next.

This one has new information for me. It tells me that James has been spotted very recently in North Florida. They tried to apprehend him and a girl in her thirties. They both fled in a blue expedition. Later in the story they list a description of the girl, and a partial tag number for the vehicle. The girl’s description is that of my missing sister. They describe her just like me exactly. They also state that she looked frightened as if she was with James against her freewill.

The partial tag number is very vague. They only caught the first three numbers as 6M9. That could be more than a third of the United States vehicle tags. However, not many would probably be on blue expeditions. Then again, James has proven to be quite alluding to the police up until now. He is most likely smart enough to dump the automobile, and find another ride.

I am appalled that James may be closer to me than I could have ever imagined. I live on the central East coast of Florida. This is only six hours from where they spotted James and my sister. My sister could be right under my nose for all I know. I will keep an eye out for a girl that is a spitting image of me, that’s for sure. I will move on to the next headlines.

As I look at the next article, I see photographs from the previous story’s events. The police department released the photos to the press. When I look at them, I am shocked at how much my sister looks like myself. She truly is my twin. She has a look of help me on her saddened face. I feel for her being held captive by such a ruthless man. She grew up being abused and raped most likely her whole life. I have to help her. I have to find her.

My next step is to search phone directories on-line. Maybe James has some kind of phone that can be tracked. I start my search, but I realize that there are so many directories that my efforts will take quite some time. The library is about to close for the day. I will have to wrap things up, and return in a day or two. Meanwhile, I need to let all the information sink in anyway. I will get a good nights rest, and continue my research at a later day and time.


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