Signs that a relationship is over

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If you are not living together-a huge sign would be a lack of response: no returned phone calls or emails. Your partner not always talking or responding to you, even if you are together. Sometimes couples don’t exchange a lot of conversation, anyway. But if this becomes prolonged, it could be a sign that the relationship is over. Communication breakdowns are a strong sign that if the relationship is not over, it may be on life support. Silence is not always a sign of problems, outburst and accusations can also be. Whatever changes the normal ebb and flow of communications between partners is also a sign that the relationship may indeed be over.

A constant lack of affection is another theme that a relationship could be over. Understably, in long-term relationships and marriages, affection may not always be front and center: job pressure, family pressures and kids can slow down the normal amount of affection and sex done in a normal relationship. Priorities change-not that sex has become irrelevant in many of these relationships-just that it changes a bit in the relationship and may slow down quite a bit. But a prolonged drought of affection and sex is very indicative of a dying relationship. After all, if there isn’t a reasonable amount of it, it can be that one or the other partner does not feel what they felt before. The spark of love has dwindled to a smouldering ember, that is on the verge of being completely snuffed out.

A big sign that a relationship is over are the partners leading very separate lives…and becoming involved with other partners. By that time, funeral rites can be done over the ashes of the relationship. But before that comes other signs, also indicative of communication breakdowns. Usually it manifests as “acting” like there is no real relationship. A partner may isolate/alienate his/her partner to the point that the marriage or relationship is not even real anymore. In the end, most of the signs of the end come from communication breakdowns: oral or from body language.


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