painting a staircase

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Painting a staircase

Painting a staircase can some times be a bore, do it right and all is well but do it wrong and you will be in trouble. The first thing to all painting jobs is the preparation, and painting a staircase is no exception. So with this in mind I am going to list the tools for the job.

Undercoat paint.

Gloss paint.

Two inch paint brush.

1 inch paint brush.

Sandpaper or an eclectic sander preferably a mouse sander that can get into corners.



Now that we have the tools we can now start to paint. Well when I say start to paint I mean to say start to prepare. Now you have to start at the top of the staircase or when you have finished you will be stuck at the top wont you. So take up any old carpet and throw away, you will notice that there will be a lot of dust so Hoover all the dust up before you do anything else.

Now look closely to see if there is any loose paint that need to be sanded down, even if there is none you must sand the previous paintwork to give a good bond to the paint that you are going to paint on.

It does not need to be sanded down to the bare wood just slightly sand it with fine sandpaper. Only sand it with a rough paper if there are flacks of old paint coming off.

Once you have done this then it is time once more to Hoover the staircase, now that you have done that it still is not the time to paint, you must wash down the staircase to get rid of any dust that remains. Any dust that gets onto your paintwork when you paint will spoil the sheen that you get with gloss paint.

Now that you have done all this it is now time to paint, now remember what I said at the beginning start at the top. With your large paint brush dip it into the undercoat paint and start to paint the large part of the staircase, for the edges use the smaller brush, work your way down the staircase till you get to the bottom.

Now there is a little tip that I am going to give you, there is on the market paint that dries in thirty minuets, so buy this sort of paint because you will have to wait till the undercoat dries until you can paint with the gloss. So use a quick drying paint. You can have yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee if you like while the undercoat dries. Now that the undercoat is dry you can once more start to paint. Now here is one more tip, your bedroom is up stairs and you have to climb the stairs to go to bed don’t you, well this time why not start at the bottom and work your way up the stairs, this way you will not have to wait for the paint to dry before you can go to bed. Or if you have the time then by all means start at the top and work your way down again. All you do is the same as before but this time you paint on the gloss paint. There that’s the painting done pity you cant go to bed does anyone no of a good all night bar.


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