Chester an English city with a touch of Roman.

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Chester a small city in England founded by the Romans in 79 AD the Roman name that they gave Chester was Diva Victrix. It’s a place chosen by the Romans for its ease of defence against the Welsh that came invading England it also was chosen for its ease of invading Wales as its only three miles from the border of Wales.

I love this city with all its history, you can if you wish walk the walls of this city it will take you two hours at a brisk walk, it as also one of the best shopping streets in England Elizabethan buildings that houses shops of all kinds. It as a feel at all times of a city at ease with itself.

It has also a river, the river Dee starts its life in the Welsh mountains that you can see in the distance as you walk the walls. It runs past welsh lakes till it meanders through the Chester, you can hire rowing boats or you can cruise down the Dee seeing large houses on one side of the river and on the other the green folding fields of Cheshire. A two-hour river cruise will take you from Chester to the Iron Bridge passing through the grounds of the Duke of Westminster. You will see where the Roman army crossed the river Dee to start to build the biggest Roman army barracks in England, you will see the execution ground where they burned Heretics. To day though Chester is a more peaceful place, the welsh still invade in droves but only to shop and to marvel at the Roman edifices that Chester still holds.

Chester is easy to get to just a few miles from the M6 motorway and just a few miles from the Welsh border, there are plenty of parking places, and the shopping is a pleasant shopping experience, shopping in many of the old buildings well away from the busy roads.

Chester has a Cathedral that dates from the 13 century, and you can spend a few hours exploring this lovely English Cathedral. Chester is also home to one of England’s race courses time your visit just right in the summer months and you can experience English horse racing, they hold meetings during the day and also at night.

Stay in some of the best hotels in England in the centre of the city you can stay in hotels that were built long, long ago. With there delightful old world charm a stay is a wonderful experience, Chester also has some very good bed and breakfast establishments that welcome the ones that prefer that sort of accommodation.

In many of the streets you will find many Roman artefacts, the largest is the Amphitheatre although smaller than it used to be it was once the largest In England it will give you a look into what Roman life was like.

Chester was in fact the largest garrison town of the Romans in England this is why there are still many artefacts still remaining. To day Chester is a busy tourist trap for many visitors from all over the world and all are welcome.


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