Should You Tip 15% At Restaurants?

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This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I know the standard tipping is 15%, but what if the service sucks should I still give the standard 15% or give what I feel should be given for a tip? Even if that means nothing

You would think with how the economy is and with tipping in the States being 2.60 (that was the last I knew, when I was a waitress I only made 2.50) plus tips. But it seems that waitress/waiters just don’t seem to care how they treat their customers; when in fact that customer is giving them their income.

This past weekend my husband and I went out to eat twice. The first place the hostess was ever so nice, asked how our day as been, and seated us to a table that would accommodatea height chair for our son. Than came the waitress, didn’t make hardly any eye contact with us, expect for our son to tell him out cute he is. Looked over our heads the whole time she was taking our orders, as if scanning for someone else. Did even give a smile to us but only to our son. It’s nice that she was recognizing someone at the table, but it would of been nice to have some eye contact with the person who was writing down our meal.

My husband ordered an appetizer which would be our sons meal and something for my husband to snack on. He didn’t want the two sauces; basically he wanted it on bread with cheese and chicken, the waitress kept pushing marinara sauce till my husband said sure. If your customer said no sauce it means no sauce and don’t push it till they agree. I had also ordered an appetizer which I didn’t receive till after the meal because she forgot about it.

She also gave the attitude that we were taking up her time and that she really wasn’t in the mood to take our order. Which struck a nerve in me, because I feel if I am going to give you a tip than I should receive service with a smile. Which I know has gone out the door like manners and respect from some children, teens and some adults.

Second place we went a couple days later. The waitress was great, made eye contact, had a smile on her face, made me feel personally that she was happy to serve our table.

Than came the soda/pop incident. My husbands cup was empty our waitress came to our table took the glass as if to refill it. 10 or so minutes later the soda/pop hadn’t been returned to the table yet. Finally after the waitress had passed our table repeatedly she noticed that my husband had no glass. That’s when she asked if he wanted more coke. Now this that we were eating at is restaurant where you make your meal and someone cooks it for you. The waitress/waiter only has to get your drinks and side things for the meal. Not much else. Finally my husband gets his drink.

He ever so politely waits for me to finish (our son didn’t come with us to this restaurant.) so he could order some dessert. The waitress passes our table four or five and even looks at our table, finally on one of her trips she notices my husband has the dessert menu open. That was that adventure at that restaurant.

I know I maybe sounding like a bitch but I don’t ask for much at a restaurant:

  • Service with a smile
  • Don’t serve our table with an attitude that screams “Great your my last customers and I had 30 minutes to go. I was hoping to leave early.”
  • If you noticed my glass empty ask if I would like a refill.
  • If you notice the table is crowded with plates, please take some away.
  • Once in a while stop by the table and ask if everything is okay or if we need anything.
  • Be polite
  • Don’t treat your customers as if we’re annoying you
  • If you have bad customers (everyone has them) please don’t take it out on us, we’re not them

So, do we give the standard 15%? Sometimes yes, sometimes we give more, sometimes we give less, and sometimes we give nothing.

If we feel that we are nothing but a torn in your side and you just want to us to leave as if we’re the relatives that you hate or the mother-in-law that you can’t stand and would rather swallow nails than talk to her. Than no you won’t get a tip. Yeah you brought us our food and drinks, but we didn’t feel welcome. We didn’t feel comfortable. We felt as if we should unhinge our jaws, slam the food down our throats and be gone; before you turn your laser eyes on us and turns us to dust.

If we come to a restaurant you smile, you greet us. Politely take our order. But through out the rest of the meal we never see you again. It makes us feel like we were the geek that you asked to the dance and than left us to go to the restroom to make jokes and laugh about us. So you’ll probably get between 5 to 10% tip.

Now if we come to a restaurant. You smile, you greet us. You politely take our order. Through out the meal before our glasses are empty you bring us more soda/pop. You clear any plates that are no longer needed. Make sure the meal is okay and ask if we need anything else. If something goes wrong with bring our food out and you apologizes, or if you see the meal wasn’t made correctly; you have the cook redo it and tell us what happen tell us your sorry and an new plate is coming. And when it comes to the end of the meal you and you see we’re ready and you say I hope you had a good meal and so forth from there. You’ll get the standard 15% or even more. I have seen my husband tip up to 50% because the waitress/waiter made us feel comfortable and welcome to the restaurant.

That is what people are looking for when they go out to eat. They want to feel welcome they want to feel relaxed. They don’t want to feel rushed or unwanted by their waitress/waiter.

I might seem mean in this hub, but why should I give someone who isn’t doing their job a 15% tip? Also the standard 15% isn’t written in stone, it doesn’t mean no matter who you serve your going to get your 15%.

Another thing that gets my goat is when your out with someone and the waiter/waitress sees someone that appeals to their taste at the table. They give all their nice treatment to that one person and the other person is either treated as in inconvenience or simple glanced over as if their just a body taking up the seat. Just because someone at a table looks appealing to you and you turn on your flirting charm doesn’t mean that’s the person deciding on your tip. And don’t do this if your pretty sure the two people are a couple, married, engaged, or on their first date. It pretty much will ensure you that your going to get one lousy tip or nothing at all.

Now I will admit there are customers out there that no matter what you do, nothing will please them. I’ve had them, you just want to put your hands around their throat and squeeze. But instead or what I did, I smile, bit my tongue, got what they wanted, left the table went out side, screamed and jumped up and down where no one could see me. Than returned into the restaurant. Just because you have that customer doesn’t mean the attitude that he/she rubs off on you should be transferred to your other customers.

Treat each customer as an individual and with respect and you’ll get the tips your looking for.


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