Now I’m Single, is there life out there?

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Now I’m Single. Is there Life Out There?

Just so you know his, him, he, is gender neutral.

You’ve been dating your SO for god knows how long. Your use to saying we this and we that or that each weekend is filled with both of you spending time together.

Now your single, there is no longer a we, it’s now I this and I that. You feel like something is missing from your life, there’s that empty space that use to be on either your left or right and now you can move your hand through the empty air. There is nothing to grab onto. You pick up your cell about to hit the speed dial number that you’ve had him under but now that number is blank. You even sometimes start dialing his number and stop mid number and thinking oh crap.

So what do you do know that your single? Remember all those friends you had before you started dating? Remember all those things you always wanted to do? Was there something you always wanted to learn but held it off?


Get out there, hang with your friends, go learn that basket weaving you always wanted to learn, go sky diving. Do the things you always wanted to do. If you always wanted to go to a club but your SO didn’t want to go. GO!

Instead of thinking of being single as a dreaded evil title, think of it as a title that screams FREEDOM!!

What about dating you ask?

Well this is according to how long you’ve been dating your SO.

If it was only a 6 months to a year…… wait 6 months before you start dating.

If it was years … wait a year or so.

The answer is don’t start dating till you learn how to be happy being by yourself. If you base your happiness on dating someone or being with someone; then you are not ready to date. You need to learn how to be happy by yourself.

Right now your heart is broken, and it’s gonna take a while to mend, and it’s gonna take a while to find yourself again.

So learn to be happy by yourself. If people push you to date tell them you aren’t ready and tell them you’ll tell them when you are ready. If they keep pushing, don’t give in (unless you feel you are ready) be firm and tell them flat out once more you’re not ready.

Take this time of single hood to relearn about yourself, to figure out what you want in a person when you decide to date again. This is the time to rebuild your self-esteem.

So get out there enjoy being single, have fun, and always use a condom.


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