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This year and the past year it seems that teen shows are showing, talking, and even informing their audience about safe sex, abstinence, pregnancy and the list goes on. BUT are they really getting what the shows are trying to tell them?

When I was in high school we had our teen pregnancies in our high school. For some it was a shock for others it was yep oh your pregnant. It didn’t affect me much, my only thought was how are you going to raise your child. Your not even out of high school yet?

I think sometimes teenagers are scared to walk into a store and buy condoms. I know my first time buying them at 19, my hands were shaking, and than my whole body started shaking. But I knew if I wanted to have sex I needed to buy these condoms. Why didn’t I have the guy buy them? Because I believe it’s the responsibility of both the people in the relationship to buy or provide protection.

Well I am on birth-control that’s all the protection we need, because we’re both virgins. Okay everyone lets do the math, birth control is only 99.9% effective IF you take it EVERYDAY AT THE SAME TIME.If you don’t do that the percentage drops to 98% or even more because each birth-control is different. Now here is where the math comes in, if something is 99.9 effective or 98.9 effective that DOES NOT MEAN IT’S A 100%. It means you have a .01% or more of getting pregnant while on the pill. Also, and I am sure TONS of you know this, it doesn’t protect against STD or other sexually transmitted diseases. IT ONLY PROTECTS AGAINST PREGNANCY! Now the good thing about the pill verses condoms is that it won’t break, slip off, or have holes in it, but it only works if you take it as your doctor tells you. BUT like I wrote there is still a chance of getting pregnant.

So does that mean if we use the pill and an condom that means we’re 100% safe. NO NO NO!!! It just means your being safer. But condoms can break, they can slip off, and they can have a hole in it that you don’t know about till it’s too late.

Now I am going to clear up a myth. If the condom breaks please don’t go tell your gf/fiance/or wife to go douche with coke or a douche product. It WILL NOT KILL THE SWIMMERS.With the coke all your gonna end up with is one sticky mess. The douching won’t do anything either, it’s just vinegar and water, nope sorry won’t kill those little swimmers.

Another thing if you haven’t know your gf or bf ALL YOUR LIFE please question when they tell you their a virgin. Yes, it is something that people will lie about. If your going to have sex with the person, both of you go get tested. Planned Parenthood, I’ve heard does it on a sliding scale or go to a free clinic. Something I learned through dating everyone lies. Oh they will come clean later instead of sooner, but it’s not always something you’ll be happy to hear.

I know teens this day and age are getting smarter about sex. But if your bf tells you he has blue balls and he’s going to die if you don’t give him an hand job, bj, or have sex with him. This is where you need to fall to the ground laughing hysterically and tell him to go ahead and die. No, your bf isn’t going to die of blue balls, after a while his lower region will calm down and the blue balls will go away.

If the guy/gal is pressuring you into having sex, and says he’ll dump you for someone who will give in or that if you loved him/her you would give.  Honey, till your bf/gf that if they loved you they would wait till your ready. Now for the part where they tell you they will go else where for sex, I am sorry but that person isn’t worth your time or your oxygen, dump them and move onto green pastures.

Now if you choose to have sex and do get pregnant/get your gf pregnant, please remember just because you choose/want to keep the baby doesn’t mean the guy will stick by your side. Or that the girl will want to keep the baby. Sorry guys, I know that child is part of you, but the girl has full rights to choosing to abort the child.

I know what it’s like to suddenly get into the heat of the moment and think oh what the hell, we’ll use a condom and be fine. I’ve had those break on me, and suddenly your whole young adult life is flashing before your eyes and all you can think is NO I’M NOT READY TO BE A MOM!! Thank god I didn’t end up pregnant. Would I have followed through with the pregnancy if I had? I don’t know, I really don’t.

But now that I do have a child, I know at that age I wouldn’t of been able to handle it. There are days even know I am to the point of pulling out my hair.

Okay so here you go, if you plan to have sex these are the things you need to really think about.

  • Does your parents insurance cover teen pregnancy?
  • Does your parent have health insurance?
  • Does your parents insurance have a deduction?
  • If it does how much do you/family have to fork out before they cover doc visits and such?
  • If they don’t can you apply for government aid?
  • WIC does not cover diapers.
  • Does your family make too much for you to get on WIC?
  • Sometimes the amount of formula WIC gives you doesn’t always cover the whole month?
  • How are you going to pay for daycare so you can return to school or collage?
  • How are you going to get all the baby clothes and supplies? (The baby shower doesn’t always get you all you need.)
  • Will your parents stand by you when you tell them your pregnant. (Some parents handle it well, while some don’t.)

I know that seems like a lot, but there is much much more to goes with having a baby.

Parents please talk to your teens about sex. If you find out that they have already had sex, please oh my god please stop the conversation at that time. Walk away cool down, wait till you are thinking clearly to continue the talk with your son or daughter. Tell them how you feel about sex. Just because you might think one way doesn’t mean your teen will, have conversation tell them your thoughts on sex. If you yell, scream, or become mad with your teen, they will no longer listen to you.

Teens IF your going to have sex, no matter what anyone tells you about the risks, please use protection.


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