Countering depression without the use of prescription drugs

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Getting onto a good regimen of vitamins and some herbs can help beat depression. “B” vitamins have been to known to help stabilize the psyche, preventing or alleviating depression. Some forms of mental illness can be blamed on a lack of the “B” vitamin, so it can play a crucial role in treating all forms of depression, be they minor or something infinitely more clinical.

Reishi, a super mushroom herb, is known as an adaptogen-to help the body fight off physical and emotional stresses. It does so much to reinforce the general health of the body from the circulatory system, to the heart, and to the immune system. The feeling of excellent physical health can also greatly alleviate depression. Declines in mental and physical health can be so linked to poor emotional/mental health.

There are many depressed people in poor health, who could help beat depression through taking Reishi, Maitake, Cordyceps, other herbs, spices and supplements. For example, somebody suffering chronic pain from an injury may feel a lot better, faster, (with much improved emotional and mental health), by taking a simple, but very strong healing and anti-inflammatory spice known as curcumin). As individual’s physical health improves, their depressive behavior improves somewhat. They end up with a much better outlook on life. Even if they are not in poor health, existing good health can be bolstered to the point of greatly improving emotional and mental health-as the mind-body is inextricably linked.

Alsp, doing excersise releases strong endorphens, generating a feeling of well-being. Even a brisk walk for twenty minutes every other day could go a long way to beating depression without prescription drugs. Even the act of sex and the ensuing orgasm releases many positive endorphens…Laughter releases many positive endorphens…Any physical activity is good. Not only in releasing endorphens, but creating positive reinforcement by improving your physical form

Watching comedians and sitcoms may help a depressed person fight depression. Sitcoms like the adult cartoon “Family Guy” always cheer me up when I’m a little blue-to each their own. They certainly are not a panacea for depression. But in a larger context of nutrients, physical activity and positive thinking, depression can be alleviated. Humor is a better replacement for sadness, glumness…and general depressive behavior.

Staying active doesn’t give you the time to be depressed. Being very active may allow the mind of a depressed person to quietly find a resolution to what is causing the depression in the first place. Your brain is like a supercomputer, always looking for solutions. At least it is pushed to the side. Maybe long enough to get out of the depressed state. Anything that helps keep your mind off depression and depressing things is a boon towards beating depression without prescription drugs-many of which can have terrible side effects. But should be taken if the person is at the point of suicide, or is at the point of completely non-functioning. But even in that case, nutrients, activity, humor…and getting their mind off depressing things can be excellent therapy for even the most clinically-depressed.


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