How to nurture your growing teen.

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A major thing i have noticed while my son was growing up was he always wanted his space.
They ALL do. They have their friends to hang out with and parties to go to, as well as their personal lives and reputation in school. At one point in time, my son was arguing with me constantly and shouting loudly, waking the neighbors and resulting in the cops coming to the house. As i started to seperate from my son, i noticed that he started to talk to my wife and i less. I told my wife to leave him, as they know what is good and bad from experiences. His friends were calling him to go to their houses more and more, and i started to question whether they were actually doing “projects.” Well, as the years passed, and my son graduated high school, he told us some things the children did during his time and the things that really put teens into trouble.

Some key players of the list were smoking illegally, drinking at parties, having sexual intercourse at a young age, and PEER PRESSURE. Peer pressure was the thing that was getting young teenagers sent to jail and leading to a bad life. I sat there with my son on one end of the living room, and myself on the other, sort of a friend to friend type of talk. Kids of their time were doing everything and anything that was “cool”, which i found ridiculous. My son and i sat there in the living room for hours, discussing what was going on with teenagers these days. I learned one key thing that day, and that was talking to your maturing teenager is better when it is one on one, in a friendly type of way. they may feel inferior and rebel against the rules you may set for your child, but it is always good to become friends, rather then being parents, with your teenager.

I personally have learned this from experience, i’m a father of 3 children.


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