Writing Music

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It can be incredibly difficult to find the inspiration to write a compelling track and even the best songwriters in the world get ‘writer’s block’.

Stimulating creativity

It pays to plan when writing songs, you won’t always get a genius idea out of the blue and there are many ways of getting a starting point from which you can make a track.

Referance others

You can derive a lot of ideas from other people’s work. This is not to say you should plagiarise others but sometimes listening to your favourite song can provide you with a starting point for your own composition. Maybe it will clarify the type of track you want to make, or it may just give you a beat or tempo that intrigues you.


Lyrics can be hard to come by at times, so writing titles can provide you with a stimulus for starting your piece.

Any title can prove to be a godsend as they can set the emotion you want to portray or define the genre with which you want to progress. Even ridiculous titles can be a goldmine of creative juice, like, for example – ‘the goldmine of creative juice’!


It can be really difficult to motivate yourself, so setting goals you have to stick to can make you more committed to the task. Some people work better under pressure and some self-imposed pressure can really galvanize a project. I have currently undertaken the rather daunting task of writing, recording and producing a new, original song every week. It is definitely harder than it sounds. Check me out at songaweek.wordpress.com to see my progress.

There is one more salient piece of information I can offer you

Don’t give up.


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