The Basic Math Behind Your Average Poker Game

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Some people might argue that poker is a game of psychology and feelings.  Others argue that it’s a game of math.  Really, though, it should be a blending of both. The math side can be scary for some players, but it’s not as hard as it seems.  All it takes is some basic knowledge.  Here are some quick tips.

The Basic Logic

You have to make sure that any math you do at the table is based in logic.  If you’re guessing, using inaccurate facts or just plain second guessing yourself constantly, you shouldn’t bother.  You’ll only succeed in frustrating yourself.

Simplicity Behind the Poker Odds Calculations

While guessing isn’t an option, approximating and simplifying definitely are.  Part of the reason poker math may seem scary is that you may assume that it’s like math you used to do in school.  There’s only one right answer.

That’s not the case with poker math, though.  The reality is that you have to do quick calculations at the tables.  So, it’s really fine to estimate closely, rather than going for complete accuracy.

Back to Basics

Although a lot of poker math can be expressed in a complicated way, it doesn’t have to be that complicated and when you participate in poker tournaments you must know your math because the chances are you will face very skilled poker players.  In fact, basic, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can see you through.  Those are things that we all learned in grade school.  So, I poker math seems like a foreign language to you, find yourself a translator and reduce it to its simplest form.


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