The Surprise Cruise

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So tonight on the cruise ship I was wondering around the deck under the moonlight when all of a sudden I saw a shimmering towards the bow. We were going through the Bermuda triangle as I noticed on the TV in the cabin but was never actually expecting anything to happen from it. So I just stopped and stared for a bit, watching it, when it started heading away. Now when I say away, I mean it was actually moving, not disappearing. From where I was at the deck cut across the center of the ship so I decided I would walk right across to the other side. When I got there though, there was nothing and all I heard were the waves of the ocean coming up against the side as we continued making our way through.

I next decided that I would walk up towards the bow, out of curiosity. As I got closer, the shimmering appeared again in the same spot as last time, just on the opposite side from before. It started moving away again and this time I followed it along the same side I was on. That, and because I couldn’t exactly cross back over to the other side with a wall of steel to my right. This time as I was getting closer, the shimmer started getting brighter. The whole thing was weird because you always hear the stories about the area, but having never been through it, and this being the first trip ever that passes through, you tend to wonder what to believe and what not to believe.

The shimmer suddenly stopped in its place and it was so sudden that I passed right through it. The skin on my body turning freezing cold, then back to hot over the humid air of the ocean. As I looked behind me, it was still there, just waiting. I couldn’t see any features in it. It was almost like a fallen star. A light with rays coming out of it, but semi-translucent at the same time. It couldn’t point or tell me what it seemed to want and I just stared at it. Then it started moving out towards the bow and getting brighter, then dimmer as it came back towards me. I finally figured out that must be where it wanted me to go. It was using it’s brightness as a way to give direction. So I moved in the direction it wanted to and stopped when it did. Then next it moved higher, doing the same thing. This time I wasn’t facing out of the water anymore though, I was facing front that everyone sees as it pulls in to port.

As it continued moving up I was actually starting to get more worried because I could look much higher and still be able to follow it when it stopped at the next deck and floated backwards on to it. That only meant one thing. I had to go up. So over to the stairs on the side, I took them up and could see the shimmer off in my peripheral vision. We were now in the area of some of the entertainment stuff. I walked slowly over to it, and this time it moved down a bit and towards the wall. I felt this was indicating the lower part of the wall where we were standing so I looked but couldn’t see anything. I knelt down next, trying to get to the same low level as the shimmer was, but I still saw nothing. There was only one thing left for me to do. I made my way to directly being up close and personal with the wall. That was when I finally saw it. The words that could put fear in to anyone when you’re going through this area of the sea. The said “Beware the triangle of hidden trials. Those who pass unharmed shall be forever changed while those who meet the sea, it was their time to be.”

The shimmer finally just vanished and I was in so much shock that I wrote down this quote and headed back to the cabin. Once there I just sat on the edge of the bed and stared at it. None of the bars were open at this time due to the time of night so all I could do was sit and wonder at it’s meaning and think back on all the stories of people and things lost in the Triangle. After I couldn’t sit there any longer I walked out on to my balcony and looked out over the ocean and started to see the beginning of sunrise. This sunrise had so many different colors and beauty to it, I could have never imagined it. It looked more like a dream that I don’t think even the best painter could ever copy. Then I finally realized the meaning of the words. The ones who didn’t make it were never meant to see another sunrise ever, while the ones that do…this is the one that would lift their hearts and change their world. The one thing that would never leave their memory. Later I found out that during the sunrise, it was the same moment when were coming outside the edge of the Triangle as well, like this was the border to it and we finally crossed over in to the true of everything.


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