RuneScape: F2P Yew Woodcutting Guide

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I. Introduction

So, you want to get the most out of your Yew Woodcutting. If you don’t know, the average amount of money made per hour is 70k-110k which is very decent for F2P. It is highly recommended you have at least 70 woodcutting unless you want to make only 25k per hour with 60 woodcutting and cutting willows is much more profitable than this at a level like that.

II. Where to Cut Your Wood

Make sure in a a world with the least amount of players and that it is NOT “PvP”. I suggest the French and Dutch worlds.

#1 Spot


You can bank you logs at the Grand Exchange. Very Fast and easy and there is three trees very close to each other.

#2 Spot


Also a good spot. The trees are not as close as the last one and bank is a tad far but very profitable all the same. Not many people go here.

#3 Spot


This just like the last but the tree are a little farther than the last one. The bank is as just as far as the #2 spot but this place is very barren.

#4 Spot


More trees here but can be alittle crowded. You can bank your logs at the upstairs Castle.

III. Thank You

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