RuneScape: F2P Prayer Guide All The Way to 99

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Prayer to 99 on Runescape is highly recommended. I only show this guide for people interesting 99 Prayer in the free to play world. This is very money consuming and takes so much patience so just give up if you are not willing. In addition, this guide will be short consider there’s not much to prayer.

How to do it?

By now you should know how to bury bones. For those who don’t, you can get bones from either other players or from monsters. Not all monsters have bones so lok out for that. When you get the bones, just click on it and your character will bury it.

Different kinds of bones

There are different kinds of bones and only 4 accessible in the free world.

Bones: Pretty much on most monsters in the free to play game, extremely common

Burnt Bones: Found in either deep wildy or other places that really aren’t near a bank so you shouldnt even bother.

Monkey bones: Only found by killing monkey on Karamja

Big Bones: Most tall creatures like giants.

The Math Part

  • |EXP|
  • Bones: 4.5
  • Burnt Bones: 4.5
  • Monkey Bones: 5
  • Big Bones: 15
  • |EXP from 1-99|
  • 13,034,431
  • |Bones from 1-99|
  • Bones: 2,896,541
  • Burnt Bones: 2,896,541
  • Monkey Bones: 2,606,887
  • Big Bones: 868,963
  • |Money from 1-99|
  • Bones: 295,447,182 gp
  • Burnt Bones: 645,928,643 gp
  • Monkey Bones: 568,301,366 gp
  • Big Bones: 394,509,202 gp
  • So regular bones are the best


Bones: In Edgeville, there is a house full of men. They have 7 HP each nd drop bones 200%

Burnt Bones: Go to deep wilderness where the Greater Demons are and go into the destroyed house. Waste of time.

Monkey Bones: Kill monkey in Karamja. Waste of time.

Big Bones: Kill Hill Giants in the Edgeville dungeon or Moss Giants in the Varrok Dungeon.

V. FInd Word

This guide really is just showing the curios what F2P prayer is all about. It is not that great, so don’t even attempt 99. Plus I doubt many will have 500mil just for prayer.


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