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1. Never abandon your city of dreams, as it isthe only reason you are still living.

2. Never mind your own businees, as you’l have someone to help out.

3. Defeat in life is like stress during work.It is temporary only if you really wantto swim out of the water.

4. Think about what you can do,

Dream about what you want to do,

but don’t forget do what you have to do now.

5. never pay a person for his work, as you can’t buy ones talent. Pay for the precious time he spent for your work.

6. There is no truth if you don’t know what a lie is. So analyze the reality from the darkness.

7. Death should be harsh one, if there’s a work to be done in helping others. And it would be sweet one if they can’t understand what you are doing to them.

8. If you have to kill one, kill the person who loves you, because he stops you in taking good and healthy risks. Indeed they will be happy foreseeing your growth.

9.Man of mysteries is the perfect person to live. He is not wasting the precious time in explaining his thoughts. Indeed you are doing in knowing him better.

10. If a person is helping you, don’t make a situation of questioning him, what is he doing to you.

11.  I can smell the success which wants to reach me,
I can hear the claps of the people, who love me,
I can taste my win,
I can feel the warmth of my loved ones,
But I can’t see the day as I can’t work it out whole heartedly.


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