Ronald the Gold Fish

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“Where am I?” Ronald the Goldfish thought to himself, ramming into the flexible wall that surrounded his watery world. “It’s dark in here! I’m scared!” he thought in a panic. Suddenly, his entire world tumbled to first the right, then the left, then back again. Things finally settled out and Ronald tried to make sense of the situation. “I was swimming happily with my brothers and sisters, then a big green monster picked me up out of the water and tossed me into this dark place. He swam vigorously in circles trying to get out of the dark place. His world shook again. “What now?” he asked himself. Above him, a sliver of light appeared, then grew bigger. “Finally, light.” he sighed.

His troubles weren’t over, in fact they were just beginning. His watery world jerked sharply upward, it seemed to fly out of the darkness. Through the clear wall, he could see he was no longer with his brothers and sisters. All around him were rows of clear boxes containing other fish. “What is this place?” he thought with wide eyes. Again, his world jerked upward, his eyes met the eyes of a giant. The giants eyes scanned Ronald’s tiny goldfish body carefully. His world rotated slowly in the giants hand. “Wow this is one nice Comet Goldfish!” the giant said.

“Please let me go” Ronald pleaded in his mind. The giant moved Ronald’s world to one of the clear tanks full of other goldfish. Ronald rammed into the clear wall surrounding him trying to escape and join the other goldfish. “Why me?” he thought.

An hour passed and the giant came back. Ronald looked up and saw the top of his world open up. The giant cut away the clear wall and let it go, the air space was replaced with water. Ronald swam up and out of his watery world and into a larger world. Now he was with the other goldfish. “Finally” Ronald let out a sigh of relief in his mind. He swam to the other goldfish and noticed none of them would look at him. They just swam around mindlessly. “That’s odd” he thought. Ronald swam to the front of the clear box and looked out at his new home. In front of him sat a rack of bright shapes and boxes. Ronald decided to explore his new world. He swam up to the surface and looked down on the rock where a few of the goldfish were hiding. “wonderful” he thought happily. Towards the back of the box, he saw a big blue column. “I wonder what that is” he said, swimming toward it. The water began to move more and more the closer he got. He swam down and the water became calm. Around the corner, he saw a fish that was stuck against the column. Upon closer inspection, he realized the fish wasn’t moving. It was just sitting there stuck against the column.”Yikes” he thought as he swam toward the front of the box again. As turned to look out of the box again, his eyes met those of another giant. This one had long hair and appeared to be smaller than the first giant he saw. Ronald swam back and fourth to try to get a better look. The giant pointed its finger at him and smiled. “That one! I want that one mommy!” it said.

Ronald looked behind him and saw all the other goldfish hiding by the rock. The biggest Giant appeared once again in front of him. Their eyes met again and in the giants hand was another green monster, water dripped from its head. The giant reached into Ronald’s new world first with a smaller clear box and took out some of the water. He then reached in with the green monster. before he realized it, the monster had swallowed him. “No! Not again!” Ronald cried out in his mind.

Again he was placed into a small watery world with clear walls all around him. The smaller giant picked up Ronald violently, sloshing the water around. “This wont end well” Ronald thought as his fins were smashed up against the flexible clear wall. He was sloshed and shaken around for a few more minutes before another giant picked up Ronald’s watery world from the smaller giants incapable hands. “Fishie is not a toy!” said the larger giant.

“But I want him!” yelled the small giant.

“You cant take care of it, we are giving him back” the larger giant said.

“NO!” yelled the small giant.

“Great” thought Ronald, who was still trying to figure out which way was up. The small giant grabbed the flexible clear walls surrounding Ronald and squeezed hard. The walls burst and Ronald’s world fell out from around him. His small goldfish body landed harshly on the floor. He tried to swim away but the watery world that once surrounded him was gone. The first giant he saw rushed over and picked up his tiny body and placed it back into the clear box. Without another thought, Ronald joined the other goldfish and swam mindlessly around the clear box.


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