Jack the Corn Seed

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It was a beautiful day in the rolling fields of Iowa, Farmer Roy was happily filling his planting machine with Corn seed and Diesel fuel. “This will be one good season” he said cheerfully to his son, who was kicking at the ground because his father took away his video games.

“Yea, sure”, he said bluntly.

“Come on and help me get the tractor started up” Roy said slightly less cheerful.

“I don’t want to!” Roy’s son cried angerly as he stormed off to the barn.

Roy shrugged and got in his tractor and started it up. The diesel engine coughed out a plume of smoke as its tired engine turned over. Roy put the tractor in gear and set of down the dusty dirt road to his fields. He tuned the ancient radio to his favorite country station and sat back as his tractor pulled big green planting machine behind him.

Meanwhile, In the seed tank in the planting machine, Jack the Corn seed was sitting dormant next to a million of his brothers. They rattled around and shook as the planting machine skipped over the rocky road. Finally Farmer Roy arrived at his fields. He got out of the tractor and started up the planting machine. Its small engine started easily when he pulled the starting cord. Jack and his millions of brothers were rattled by the engine idling against the metal frame of the planter. Roy got back in his tractor and started down the field. He opened the throttle of the small engine on the planter, increasing the speed of the blower.

Inside the seed tank, jack and his brothers were blown around and around, Smacking into each other. Roy pulled down a lever in the cab of the tractor and the seeds began flowing down into the soil below. Jack zoomed through the tubes and fell into the damp Iowa soil. The planting machine pushed the soil over him and continued on down the field. Here jack sat for weeks, till he finally woke up from his dormant state.

A tiny stem poked up through the soil weeks later. Small skinny roots spread out underneath him. A few weeks later his stem grew higher off the ground and his roots grew longer to soak up more of the water from the damp soil. After a month or so, Farmer Roy came back down the fields to check on the progress of his crop. All around him was a sea of tiny green corn plants poking up from the dusty soil. “Yep.” Roy said, looking at Jack. “ This will be one good season”.

A few more months passed and Jack was growing fast. He spent all day soaking up the suns energy. He had loads of leaves and his roots were strong and big. Farmer Roy returned to see that tiny ears of corn were beginning to form. Jack, being a simple plant with complex emotions, enjoyed the presence of Roy. Every time he came to inspect the crops, Jack would make himself as green as he could to stand out. He valued the kindness of the farmer, who gave him fertilizer and plenty of room to grow. Though Jack was unable to speak, He knew inside that Farmer Roy was like his father. Farmer Roy cared for him and helped him grow big and strong.

The seasons changed and it began to get cooler out. Jack wondered what the farmer would do to keep him happy and growing. He stood in the field next to his brothers, unable to communicate with them in any way. Another week passed and Jack sensed something wasn’t right. The soil his roots grew in was becoming drier and drier. He no longer got fertilizer from Farmer Roy. The sun faded sooner than it normally did. Jack wondered what was going on. Unfortunately, he would soon get his answer.

The sun rose over the field .just as it did every day and Jack began to soak up its rays, just as he did every day, until suddenly, the earth his roots snaked through began to shake. At first it was a few small tremors but quickly grew more intense. Farmer Roy was happily driving down the field in his combine, the rows of corn seemed to be eaten up by the huge green mechanical monster making its way through the field. Closer and closer Farmer Roy got to Jack. The man that cared for him and helped him grow was now destroying his brothers. Behind him, he felt the sharp teeth of the big green giant bit into his green stringy stalk. He fell into its mouth and more sharp teeth stripped the ears of corn from him. He was being consumed, just like his brothers. Farmer Roy thought nothing of it. After all, corn is corn. He watched as the stalks of corn were chopped and then pulled into the monsters mouth. “What a great business to be in” he said smiling at the sea of green in front of him.


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