Pork pt. two

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A white pickup truck sped down the small two lane highway outside of Westchester. Inside its metal and plastic skin, Mr. Hank sat half asleep. “Another boring day, another boring job” he sighed. His mission was to survey the former site of Chem Co. The property owner decided it was time for the building to come down to make way for a new shopping mall. Mr. Hank turned off the concrete road and onto the once paved road leading to the grounds of Chem Co. After a few minutes of traveling through pot hole after pot hole, he reached the tall chain link fence that encircled the perimeter of the building. He got out and with a pair of bolt cutters, easily cutting the rusted lock on the gate. It was the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning.

Mr. Hank walked through the overgrown lawn and up to the main entrance of the building. “Dang, this place is old!” he said looking at a forgotten package sitting on the front steps. “It’s dated from 1995!”. He went back to his truck to get the blueprints for the building and his electronic measuring device. Cautiously, Mr. Hank entered the hollow walls of Chem Co. Unspeakable horrors unfolded in the bleached white rooms of the building. “Well lets get started” he said to himself. He walked around and began to compare the measurements of rooms to the specifications on the blueprints. In one room he found a small TV. “I bet it doesn’t work” he thought. But to satisfy his curiosity he decided to switch it on. “Well thats just great..” he said as the TV came to life. The only channel that he could get was the Meat channel. “Sick!” he said as he watched meat being cut up and packed into small Styrofoam trays. He could hear the squeal of the pigs, it was almost life like. “This thing has amazing sound quality!” he said with joy. Unsatisfied with the sounds echoing in the room, he turned the volume down. “This thing must be busted.” He pushed the mute button over and over, but the squeal of pigs continued.

On the other side of the room was a wide door. “Odd” he said looking at his blue prints” That door isn’t on here anywhere. He walked up to the door and pressed his ear against it. The squeal of pigs. “Thats impossible!” he yelled. “This place has been empty for years!” He rummaged around in the boxes stacked in the room and found a tranquilizer gun and darts. “This’ll fix whoever is messing with me!” Mr. Hank open the door and quietly walked down the stairs. The foul stench of poo and rotting food filled the air. He gasped and put his shirt over his nose and mouth. There was a long hallway, doors with tiny windows lined the sides. Mr. Hank peered through the tiny window of one room. “Pigs?!? How did these things survive all these years!” he asked. The pigs continued to squeal. “Great.” said Mr. Hank. “Now I have to put them all to sleep so I can finish this job. He loaded his tranquilizer gun and got to work.

Half an hour passed. Mr. Hank walked up the stairs and back into the light. “That was defiantly a work out” he laughed. Below him hundreds of pigs lay sleeping. For now.

He continued measuring the floor, walls, and doors of Chem Co. Everything was silent. Everything was good. The pigs were quiet, the high pitched noise of the TV was all that could be heard. “Ah” Mr. Hank sighed. The silence was broken by a single oink. He looked down at his feet. A single piglet was rubbing up against him. Mr. Hanks jeans got stained with poo and dirt from the basement. He smiled at the piglet “Aren’t you a cute one!”

“Yes, I am cute” the pig said.

“What the…?” said a wide eyed Mr. Hank

“I’m a cute little pig. I have no feelings” the pig said sarcastically.

“How…” began Mr. Hank

“If only you knew” said the piglet “I may be young but I’ve heard the stories of what happened in this building.”

“I shouldn’t have went to that party last night..” said Mr. Hank.

“I’m sorry” said the piglet “But now you will pay for your crimes. You will all pay”

“What?!?” asked Mr. Hank “I haven’t done anything! I’m sorry about the tranquilizer, I just felt bad for you pigs!”

“Ah but it isn’t just you. The entire human race must pay” The piglet ran down the stairs. A 300 pound pig came bounding from the stairs. It knocked Mr. Hank down on the floor. Another pig came from the staircase, then another and another. Soon the room was full of pigs. One sat on top of Mr Hank. He groaned under the weight of a smelly pig. The piglet came back with the tranquilizer gun. “You should have known tranquilizers don’t work on us anymore.” He shot Mr. Hank twice and a third time just to make sure he wouldn’t wake up.

“Now what?” asked one pig

“We seek revenge” said the piglet.

“But how?” asked another pig.

“Look over there!” a third pig pointed to the TV. They all looked I horror as they saw pigs being tortured and hung up. Humans tore them apart. Tears filled some of the pigs eyes. Brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, all were on the TV screen. The piglet smiled. “Lets give them a taste of their own medicine”


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