Pork pt. one

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It was a fine spring day in Westchester. The children were laughing, the birds were singing, everything seemed to be just how it should. In Westchester, a normal day is a good day, and no news is good news. However, unforeseen trouble brewed down a small stretch of highway, leading out of the city and into a dark and mysterious place. A place where no human had visited for many years. It was the former home of Chem Co. Few of the townspeople had worked there, for fear they would be horribly scarred from the toxic chemicals and dangerous experiments taking part in the lab. Some couldn’t stomach the tests performed there. The residents of Westchester took shelter indoors when thick, noxious green smoke billowed from the buildings tall brick smokestacks. The hazmat teams wouldn’t even go near the building when spills occurred. Most of townspeople thought the building is empty. To be forgotten by time and left to reek havoc on future and far distant generations. They didn’t know the future wasn’t so far away.

Humans have long since found themselves to be the dominate species. Ever since they figured out how to start a fire or attach a rock to a stick and use it to kill an animal, they think they can conquer just about anything. In recent years they have decided to use lesser animals as a way to test things they would never do to themselves. Many of the scientists at Chem Co. never thought about what it would be like if the shoe were on the other foot, or hoof in this case. In the basement of Chem Co. there was a horrible secret that made the toxic chemicals housed above look like no big deal. The scientists had pens of pigs lined up in damp smelly rooms. These rooms never received natural light. All that illuminated the rooms was a small incandescent bulb hanging from the ceiling. The only time the pigs saw bright light was when the scientists came to feed them or inject them with some potent chemical “just to see what would happen”. Pigs lay in agony as chemicals ate away at their organs. Some of the pigs skin began to liquefy and fall off, while others got an injection that caused them to go blind. On one occasion, a scientist gave a pig too much, which caused its eyes to swell up and pop. The scientists kept doing what they normally did, without a care in the world. For years the pigs received injections of the experimental chemicals. Many died, but a few survived. A few on the other hand, received the only injection that worked well, too well.

Humans aren’t as smart as they think they are. When the plant finally was closed by the EPA, the scientists left the pigs in the basement. “They will have to fend for themselves” the scientists had said. Years later, this decision would come back to haunt them. The pigs that survived the injections from the scientists became able to speak to each other. Slowly but surely they learned to walk on their hind legs. Soon after, they were capable of complex thought. After a year or so, they could do just about anything but fly.

In the scientists haste to hide all the evidence of their animal testing, they simply piled all the files in an empty room in the basement and left the door wide open. The pigs discovered these and read over them. They could not believe the horrible things the scientists had done to their brothers and sisters. They knew they had to seek revenge. They spend the spent the last year learning.

As the children of Westchester played in the parks, and the adults worked hard to earn money, the pigs were preparing. All the townspeople were too busy to notice a faint trail of red smoke rising from the smokestacks of Chem Co, They didn’t find the caravan of trucks snaking its way down the small stretch of highway and into the town to be suspicious in any way. They didn’t notice any of this till it was too late.

The trucks parked in the middle of Main St. The windows were tinted so dark that nobody could see inside. The mysterious drivers turned off their engines in unison. The townspeople gathered. Closer and closer, one boy walked up and touched the back of the truck. The growing crowd moved closer. The door in the rear of the truck flew open and a short round figure fired a net gun into the crowd. The people ran for cover as the other trucks had a similar figure with a net gun. People lay on the ground with a net tightly wrapped around them, screaming for help. One of the figures stepped down off the back of the truck and looked into the eyes of a business man. “Did you miss us?” said the figure.

“A PIG?” yelled the business man

“Yea buddy, I’m a pig, wanna fight about it?” said the pig as he hauled a bag containing another person toward the truck and, with all the care of an airline baggage handler, placed the bag in the truck. “Load em up boys!” yelled the pig. “It looks like we’ll be having human tonight!”

The former home of Chem Co. had not fallen victim to the sands of time. Even without constant maintenance the building looked just as the scientists left it. Inside however, nothing was the same. All the chemical handling equipment and storage tanks had been replaced with stainless steel tables and the walls all painted a glossy white. Bright florescent lights hung from the ceiling. The tile floor was clean and sparkling. In the corner sat a colossal meat grinder, its polished stainless steel glistened in the artificial daylight. If a person off the street had walked in, they would have instantly recognized it as a meat packing facility.

The pigs unloaded humans one by one. cleaned them throughly, one by one, and bar coded them, one by one. They were then packed into the small rooms in the basement. Each one was dark and damp with only a single light bulb illuminating it. The humans whispered quietly to each other, trying to make sense of what had happened. An entire town captured by mutant pigs.

All of the doors of the rooms opened suddenly and automatically. The humans, unsure of what to do, moved out trying to escape the evil prison they were put in. At the end of the hallway, another door opened. The humans, just like a heard of cattle, moved through the door, one by one, and stepped onto a conveyor belt. They screamed as metal teeth pierced up through their feet. The pigs had taken the liberty to make the humans suffer before becoming their dinner. The belt moved slowly, through chemical baths and showers, dissolving their hair and irritating their eyes. Now the humans moved into the clean and sterile room. They watched as pigs cut humans to pieces on band saws. The squeal of the metal carving through bone made many of the humans throw up on the belt below them. To the side of the room, children hung from hooks in the ceiling. Their stomachs slit open, blood dripping down their bodies to the polished tile below. Their journey was almost over. The belt was beginning to go up and up, up to the hopper of the colossal meat grinder. One by one, they fell into the steel teeth of the grinder. They watched in horror as all of their friends and family fell screaming to their death. Ground human oozed out into a plastic tub. A pig walked over and smelled the vat of meat. He grabbed a small piece of the warm flesh and put it in his mouth. He grinned a sinister grin, “Tastes like chicken.”.


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